Malmaison Hotel, Piccadilly Manchester

Project Outline:

Glass and Zinc plated coldroom. When Malmaison Hotels decided they wanted a stunning, jaw dropping, meat curing room for their refurbished Smoak Restaurant based at Piccadilly Manchester, they appointed Vision Commercial Kitchens to track down and source a suitable supplier.

Synecore have enjoyed many years of successful projects with Vision, and naturally we were their first point of call.

Paul Thomas quickly set about meeting with Interior designers and client, to establish exactly the look and shape and appearance required to provide the client with something exciting and unique.

“It was important from the outset to get a firm understanding, the client was very specific in their requirement and in many ways, this coldroom was going to be the main focus for the front of house and it quickly become apparent there was no compromise in their search for perfection” Said Paul Thomas Synecore

The very tight angles involved suited Synecore’s panel system, working closely with Kingspan’s PIR insulated fire rated panels, allows the room to form its corners on site, ensuring that the angle is perfect and uses every inch of space available.

The glass panels are heated to ensure there can be no condensation at any stage, ensuring perfect visual impact at all times.

“Through our electrical division we can place the internal lighting onto the main restaurants dimming system, ensuring that different moods can be achieved and also ensure that even whilst closed, the impact remains for potential passing trade.” Explained Paul Thomas


Malmaison Hotel, Piccadilly Manchester

Phil Shea from VCK

“I was clearly thrilled with the end product and Synecore performance: From the very beginning we knew that Synecore could deliver this complex product for our client. Their attention to detail and total professional response to our clients needs is consistent and reassuring. The dimensions were changing almost daily due to site conditions, however due to their ability to form the room on site, there were no delays or costs, installation was hassle free and client is thrilled with the end result. Synecore never fail to impress…..what more can I ask for!”