Monthly Archives: August 2016

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Records – Legislation – Your Responsibilities

When it comes to the operation of refrigerant based air conditioning there are legal requirements / statutory obligations and duties of care in…
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Planned Preventative Maintenance for HVACs Is A Wise Investment – The Case for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Having planned preventative maintenance will save you money in the long term. Ensuring your HVAC is maintained will prolong the lifespan of your…
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Air Conditioning Facts and Myths That Will Blow You Away

Did you know.... in this article we cover some of the many facts and myths that surround air conditioning. Air conditioning might seem…
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commercial property maintenance

Reduced Rates on Commercial Property Maintenance, Service, Repair and Compliance

The lockdown situation has been a financial burden on all businesses – large and small. That’s why Synecore has reduced its property maintenance…
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