Monthly Archives: March 2021

Your Air Conditioning System and Air Purification

75% of reporting zones in the UK still have illegal levels of air pollution! In this article we look at air pollution and…
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Air Conditioning Service – Ensuring Your HVAC Works Efficiently and Effectively

Even during a pandemic an air conditioning service is very important in ensuring that your HVAC system continues to work seamlessly, without issue.…
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When It Comes To Air Purification Does UVC Work?

Many companies are looking for ways to combat covid-19, in the HVAC industry a common question being asked is “When it comes to…
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UVC Air Purifiers

Why Now is the Time to Have UVC Air Purifiers Installed?

UVC air purifiers kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses that circulate in your air conditioning system, including Covid-19 and other strains…
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