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UVC Air Purifiers

Why Now is the Time to Have UVC Air Purifiers Installed?

UVC air purifiers kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses that circulate in your air conditioning system, including Covid-19 and other strains…
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commercial property maintenance

Reduced Rates on Commercial Property Maintenance, Service, Repair and Compliance

The lockdown situation has been a financial burden on all businesses – large and small. That’s why Synecore has reduced its property maintenance…
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Synecore Covid-19

Covid-19 Customer Notice

In response to the government’s guidelines on Covid-19, the Synecore team would like to assure you that we have taken action to limit…
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Synecore's Covid 19 Policy

Synecore’s Policy on COVID-19

During the current Covid-19 outbreak in the UK Synecore would like to assure you that it is committed to the safety and welfare…
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