Prevent refrigeration repairs this Christmas with Synecore’s Refrigeration Health Check

  • 8th November 2016
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Commercial refrigeration service and repair for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and food production

Synecore offers all seasons commercial refrigeration service and repair for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and food production facilities and has now launched its Christmas Health Check for commercial refrigeration equipment.

Come the busy Christmas period the demand for service and repairs to commercial refrigeration equipment increases vastly. With Synecore’s pre-Christmas Refrigeration Health Check, you can prevent major breakdowns and ensure your commercial refrigeration equipment is working efficiently.

Some of the issues related to refrigeration breakdowns over the Christmas period are:

  • Over filled fridges and cold rooms
  • Under maintained filters
  • Cold room door misuse (slamming shut and being left open)
  • Misuse of controls

Many of the reasons for commercial refrigeration service and repair over Christmas stem from misuse by temporary staff, taken on purely for the festive period. These new recruits are often untrained on the use of a walk-in cold rooms and other refrigeration equipment. An untrained staff member may not be aware that leaving the door open, slamming it shut or switching off the power supply (even for a short period) could have catastrophic results, leaving you without suitable refrigeration and freezing facilities.

Leaving a cold room door open, overfilling and turning off the power supply means the refrigeration system has to work much harder. If the system is old, or has not been sufficiently cleaned and maintained, this treatment can lead to a complete refrigeration breakdown.

In preparation for the Christmas, Synecore is ensuring its Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) customers receive a pre-Christmas health check. Synecore’s refrigeration health check ensures your equipment functions efficiently all year round. A professional refrigeration engineer will complete a full service and arrange any necessary repairs. In addition we will provide training to any new and existing members of staff on the do’s and don’ts of operating a walk-cold room and other commercial refrigeration equipment.

As part of the refrigeration health check, Synecore’s engineer will carry out a full service to the manufacturer’s specification, clean the filters, condensing and evaporating coils and carry out the following checks:

    • Operating temperatures and pressures
    • System leaks
    • Controls
    • Defrost controls
    • Safety switch operation
    • Compressor oil level
    • Expansion valve operation
  • Crankcase heater
  • Pipe work condition
  • Electrical connections
  • Wiring
  • Fan assemblies
  • Drains, tray and heater
  • Door seals
  • Internal lighting
  • Any damage

Should you suffer a major refrigeration breakdown, Synecore can offer a temporary solution. Its compact mobile coldroom trailer offers dual fridge and freezer facilities, integrated shelving and internal lighting.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

If you operate commercial refrigeration equipment – including a cold room, central production unit, blast chillers and freezers, chest freezers and under counter fridges – and would be interested in Synecore’s refrigeration health check, please contact our service team at

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