Fire Alarm Compliance

Fire Alarm Compliance






Fire Alarm Compliance Company for London, Kent and the Wider UK


As part of our Building Compliance services, Synecore can manages fire alarm compliance for businesses in London, Kent and the wider UK.

Fire safety should be a top priority for any business owner, landlord or facilities manager. Fire alarm compliance procedures should be met to ensure your system can detect and alert occupants inside a building in the event of a fire. 

It seems simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, fire alarms tests and servicing can often be forgotten, but Synecore is here to help. We can take care of your company’s fire alarm compliance on your behalf. From performing remote daily tests, to carrying out six monthly checks of the components and functionality, we are an all-round fire alarm compliance company.

Our clients range from well-known hotel and restaurant chains to independent offices and retailers. regardless of the size of your operation, we take your fire alarm compliance seriously.

Fire Alarm Compliance Obligations

British Standards recommends that fire alarm systems should be inspected by a ‘competent person’ at least every six months. It should also be tested weekly by the user to ensure it is fully operational.

Fire Alarm Compliance Tests and Servicing 

Synecore’s service team and engineers will ensure your building never misses a fire alarm compliance test or service. We will record and monitor your routine tests to ensure everything works as it should. If any remedial works are required, our engineers will work quickly to make the required repairs.

To keep your fire alarm system compliant, we will undertake a series of tests and perform a routine service, which involves:

  • Cleaning each unit to prevent build-up of dust and dirt
  • Checking adequate battery life remains on each smoke detector until the next inspection
  • Checking for faulty wiring and cable within the fire alarm casings and throughout the system
  • Inspecting and test the mains panel, heat and smoke detectors, multi sensors, luminaires and sirens
  • Replacing filament lamps
  • Checking radio fire detection and signal


Following the emergency lighting assessment and fire alarm test, we will generate a report, explaining the work undertaken, any faults or malfunctions found, and the remedial work undertaken.

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