Leisure Centre and Gym Air Conditioning

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Clean, Cool and Odourless Air Conditioning for Gyms and Leisure Centres

Reliable and effective leisure centre and gym air conditioning is essential to providing clean, cool, allergen free and odourless air in a fitness environment. When running multiple fitness classes and exercise equipment, customer satisfaction is your number one priority and at Synecore is ours too.

To help you provide the best possible fitness experience, we develop highly efficient air conditioning, ventilation and heating solutions to meet the needs of you and your customers.

Our air conditioning, heating and ventilation services cover all you need to provide a comfortable environment for your workout sessions. From installation through to servicing and repairs, we’ll ensure your leisure centre or gym air conditioning…

  • Meets all the required planning guidelines
  • Is installed to the manufacturer’s requirements
  • Meets FGas regulations
  • Your property holds an up to date TM44 certificate

To find out more about Synecore’s leisure centre and gym air conditioning services, please contact one of our project managers at sales@synecore.co.uk or call 01795 509509.

7-Year Warranty

When choosing Synecore to deliver your air conditioning installation and maintenance, you will also benefit from a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty from leading brands Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Toshiba.

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Delivering AC Solutions For All Size Properties

We deliver air conditioning and heating solutions for all scale developments – from large leisure facilities with multiple zones and changing facilities to smaller gymnasiums, yoga retreats, dance academies and fitness centres.

The key to ensuring you have the right air conditioning and ventilation for your gym or leisure facility is enlisting the support of a reputable and experienced organisation and at Synecore we have an exceptional track record.

“It was a pleasure as always to work with Synecore on this challenging build. Their adaptable and flexible attitude really did help to push this project over the finish line and as always maintaining the highest of standards,” Ben Stanier, Ghost Projects Orangetheory Fitness Fit Out.

Types of Leisure Centre and Gym Air Conditioning Systems

For a large leisure centre or gym, having a system that allows you to monitor and control the temperature in each area of your property is essential. In this instance we recommend an indoor or outdoor VRF or VRV system with heat recovery technology that can connect to up to 50 indoor air conditioning units.

Using one simple to use digital interface, you can monitor and control your leisure centre or gym air conditioning. You will be able to monitor issues within the system, meaning any faults can be quickly identified and dealt with.

In a smaller setting, a multi-split system can connect to up to 11 indoor units, which can heat and cool simultaneously. These are controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat or remote control, ideal for a mid-workout temperature change.

There are several indoor units to choose from to meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of your property – there are vented, ceiling cassettes, ceiling suspended, wall-mounted and air curtains, which prevent fluctuations in temperature when doors open and close.

What is Heat Recovery Technology?

Heat recovery technology removes warm air from one space and uses the exhaust air to heat areas that require warmth. Consequently, it is possible to efficiently heat and cool multiple rooms simultaneously.

In a leisure centre or gym setting, heat recovery technology can be combined with a large volume heat pump to supply hot water to changing room showers and washrooms.

This sophisticated technology not only improves the eco-credentials of your property, but is also economically beneficial.

Why Air Conditioning Is Important in a Fitness Environment?

Air conditioning is of course essential to maintaining a cool climate in a gym or fitness centre. It is equally important to, if not more so than, providing the right equipment, staff and washroom facilities.

Yes, air conditioning is vital when preserving an excellent reputation, but what other factors make air conditioning so important in a fitness environment?

Hygiene and odour spring to mind. Air conditioning not only pushes cool or warm air into a space, but removes the stale air, bacteria and allergens. So, when lots of bodies workout in one place, the air conditioning needs to perform to its best. having the right air conditioning design, installation and maintenance is essential to ensuring the air quality in your gym remains cool, clean and allergen free.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Leisure centre and gym air conditioning is in continuous use all-year-round and inevitably it requires regular maintenance from a qualified engineer. To keep your system working efficiently and performing as it should, Synecore’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service is designed to give you complete peace of mind. We can manage your air conditioning maintenance schedule and call when your system is ready for its health check and full clean.

As part of your Synecore air conditioning maintenance schedule your air conditioning will be fully cleaned and tested for faults. We will organise timely visits that are determined by seasonal changes and peak periods of your business, such as New Year’s fitness rush.

The number of maintenance visits will largely depend on the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, as well usage and FGas requirements for your system. Following a survey of your air conditioning installation, we will be able advice on your schedule.

If Synecore has installed your system, our PPM plan will ensure your 7-year warranty remains valid. To find out more about our air conditioning installation, warranty and maintenance service please CLICK HERE.

Air Conditioning Repairs

When air conditioning plays such a crucial role in a business, as it does in a gym or leisure centre, if it fails, a quick response is what you need. That’s when you need to call Synecore’s 24/7 emergency call out service. We endeavour to have qualified air conditioning engineer onsite within 4 hours for our PPM customers.

In an emergency please call 01795 509509.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contracts for Gyms and Leisure Centres

If you are planning to open a new gym or refurbish your existing property, now is the time to enquire about Synecore Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) solutions. Our designers and engineers work seamlessly together to create and install a system that is designed to compliment your business needs and the layout of your property. Rather than use several individual trades, we can manage all your MEP requirements and ensure a smooth and efficient experience from conception to completion.

To find out more about our MEP services, please CLICK HERE.

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