Eurostar’s Premier Lounge One Year On

One year ago Synecore was contracted by Benbow Group to complete the electrical design and installation for Eurostar’s Premier Lounge in Brussels. With customer levels significantly increasing in 2015 the refurbishment has been well utilised by thousands of Eurostar’s business customers.

Managed by joinery and architectural metalwork specialists, Benbow Group, the prestige refurbishment was the initial phase of Eurostar’s commitment to improving the overall travel experience for its customers. The opportune refurbishment was commission to increase the seating capacity and general appearance of the executive lounge. The electrical design and installation needed to support the new look, with lighting playing a key role in the end finish.

The aesthetic and emergency lighting was upgraded throughout the seating area, washrooms, kitchen, and food and beverage counter. In total Synecore installed 510 metres of LED tape/strip lighting, 71 downlighters and spotlights, 31 surface mounted table lamps, five LED lighting sheets and four pendent lights. All the lighting is controlled by a Helver DIGIDIM system with control plate.

The lighting design and installation was integral to overall contemporary finish of the new lounge. It was very carefully thought-out by Synecore’s specialist designer, who used LED strips for the shelving areas, wall panels, behind mirrors and recessed within the cloakroom, and food and beverage counters. Spotlights and downlighters provided the general lighting, while four pendent lights added to the decorative details. The result was several clearly defined zones for Eurostar’s business customers.

Being a public area with a high footfall where security and fire regulations are heightened, the electrical cabling was fully fire resistance, as well as being rodent and water repellent.

One year on the improved layout and additional seating has been exceptionally received by Eurostar’s customers from all over Europe.



Benbow Group for Eurostar Premier Lounge, Brussels