LEON, Victoria Steet

Project Outline:

Having worked with the LEON brand for almost a decade, we have an excellent reputation within their team. Having designed and installed their last seven sites electrically, we were approached as to whether we would be interested in looking at the mechanical side of the business.

Moor London at London Bridge being the first site where we completely designed and installed a  full Mechanical and Electrical package, this was a straight forward site and naturally was a success.

The next opening was a much larger and technically more challenging site at Victoria Street, Victoria SW1. Within a building that required BREAAM accreditation, the task was set to deliver a very economical and efficient system, without compromising the LEON values and design intent.

The landlord provided a condenser water loop system with plate heat exchanger into our unit with which we designed to a set criteria. On this occasion using the Mitsubishi Electric WR2 water cooled heat recovery R410A VRF system. The system provides simultaneous cooling and heating to the customer seating areas and preparation kitchen via four ducted indoor units.

Supply and extract ventilation is achieved via the high level shop front louvre where spiral ducted systems connect back to inline fans and filters. Electrically the design was to normal LEON criteria, Mode dimming system, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Data, General power and lighting, all run on exposed cable tray providing the design ethos that has become a standard feature of all LEON sites.


LEON, Victoria Steet

What the client says,

“Our relationship with Synecore goes back many years and they continue to deliver on every project. Having a company that we can rely on to cover all our electrical and maintenance needs is a huge asset for us. On numerous occasions, Synecore have been able to offer intelligent designs and have been invaluable in consulting with us to deliver the best results. Previously we had worked with Synecore primarily for our electrical requirements, however the opening of two new locations meant we needed a contractor who could service both our electrical and mechanical needs, naturally Synecore was the perfect fit. The technical aspects of the project meant we needed a partner that had a firm grasp on designing innovative solutions and as always they were able to deliver.”