The EIC Big Build

Synecore Gets Involved in The EIC Big Build, Coventry in Support of The Dickinson Family

Ever wondered how quickly life can change? How one day you can be going about your usual day – going to work and coming home to your family – then after one small incident life can change forever.

This is precisely what happened to the Dickinson family nine years ago. Mum of three daughters, Caz Dickinson worked for Edmundson’s Electrical for 20 years and her husband Mick as a test repairer for 15 years.

One day Caz was getting ready for work as usual and collapsed on the floor. She had hit her head on the sink during a coughing attack and her youngest daughter, who was eight at the time, found her and rushed for help. An ambulance was called, and Caz was taken to hospital.

Caz’s injury to her head was far worse than first imagined – she had suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke. Tragically, Caz had lost 60 percent of her brain function and was left permanently paralysed from the neck down.

From that day on, Caz has required round the clock care. Naturally, this put enormous strain on the family emotionally and financially. The family had been through the mill, but afoot was further bad news. Caz’s husband, Mick was made redundant, adding even more pressure to a terrible situation.

Where most would believe that the benefit system would begin to support the family, Mick was unable to claim the appropriate funding without a court protection order, which demanded a significant sum and legal help.

Without a steady wage or benefit support the family lost their home. It was time to reach out, so Caz and Mick’s daughters started crowd funding page. It was at this point that Caz’s old boss took the initiative to contact The Electrical Industries Charity.

Edmundsons is part of the EIC Employee Assistant Programme, which supports member’s families in times of need. This was when The Dickinson’s family would finally get their break.

How The Electrical Industries Charity Supported The Family

When the Electrical Industries Charity first met the Dickinson family, they identified two priorities – care and financial support.

To get the support that Mick desperately needed to care for Caz, EIC funded a dedicated occupational therapist to fast track Caz’s assessment. Mick now has the support of carers, who visit the family home twice a day.

As for the finances, EIC hired a lawyer to support Mick’s application for power of attorney and directorship. With this in place, the family could apply for financial support to assist Caz throughout her life.

The Big Build Was Born

With the fundamental necessities in place for Caz’s care and finances, Tessa Ogle, Managing Director and CEO of EIC turned her attention to family’s home. She could see that the family had struggled immensely over the last nine years. Their rented home was one of their hardest obstacles, as it was not suitable for the equipment Caz needed to comfortably return home for good.

To give this family a place they could all call home, Tessa instigated the Big Build project in 2017. The concept was launched at a formal dinner to the industry at St Mary’s Great Hall in London.

The EIC team presented the idea to trades, CEOs and MDs from the electrical industry and asked for their support to buy a house in Coventry that could be adapted to provide access and all the equipment that Caz needed day-to-day to live a full, comfortable and enriched life with her family by her side.

With such an ambitious task ahead, the EIC team needed to get fundraising.


The EIC team and the Dickinson family went to enormous lengths to raise enough money to purchase the house. From launching a ‘Brick for a Brick’ campaign to braving the Arctic with an 18 strong team and trekking the Great Wall of China, they were not short of volunteers or enthusiasm. As a result, they raised an impressive £260,000 to towards the house purchase.

With the money in hand, Tessa Ogle and Project Manager, Claire Shelton started the hunt for a suitable house in Coventry and found a four-bed house at 4 Pine Tree Avenue.

Next, it needed to be refurbished and adapted to suit Caz’s needs. Here enters Synecore and a host of fellow trades to the journey. Each committed time, labour and equipment in the quest to build the Dickinson’s a real family home.

EIC Meets Synecore

Synecore was first introduced to Tessa and Claire at The Electrcial Industry’s Powerball Event, which each year fundraises for the EIC.

Synecore’s Directors, Paul Thomas and Adrian Eade were guests at the event and upon hearing the Dickinson’s family’s story both were utterly empowered to support the Big Build. There and then, Synecore committed £10,000 worth of electrical services to the project.

The electrical design and installation were donated by Synecore. While Edmunson’s, Schnieder Electric, Rexel, Hager and a host of other suppliers provided the equipment and fittings.

To undertake the electrical installation, Synecore assigned three electricians over a three-week period. When designing the electrical installation Synecore’s team had to consider the specialist equipment that Caz requires for her day to day life, as well as the general needs of the house.

The electrical design factored in:

  • The bath and bed hoists
  • A hydro-pool which was installed within the garden to aid Caz’s physiotherapy
  • Underfloor heating mats
  • Fire and security alarms
  • Ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom
  • General household appliances, lighting fittings and sockets

Tessa Ogle said, “Synecore were a delight to work with. Nothing was too much of an undertaking and the team did whatever it took to get the job done. The EIC and the Dickinson family will be eternally grateful to Synecore for bringing their help and expertise to the project.”

The Result

Upon completion of the property the family were thrilled. They moved in on 25th October 2019 and this short video supplied by The Electrical Industries Charity captures Caz’s first viewing of her new home. It’s a fab watch and truly depicts the Dickinson family’s challenging journey over the last nine years.

Synecore was thrilled to be part of the project and wish the Dickinson family best wishes for the future in their new home.






Electrical Industries Charity 


£10,000 worth of electrcial labour and equipment donated to the EIC Big Build

Tessa Ogle, Managing Director and CEO of EIC, said,

“Synecore were a delight to work with. Nothing was too much of an undertaking and the team did whatever it took to get the job done. The EIC and the Dickinson family will be eternally grateful to Synecore for bringing their help and expertise to the project.”