Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Tests

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Test London

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Tests

Fire safety systems comprise fire alarms, heat and smoke detectors and emergency lighting. In commercial premises, fire safety systems should be regularly checked, tested and serviced to prevent failure in an emergency.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? But, emergency lighting and fire alarms tests for commercial premises can be easily forgotten.

British Standard recommends that fire alarm systems should be inspected by a ‘competent person’ at least every six months. It should also be tested weekly by the user to ensure it is fully operational.

An emergency lighting test for a commercial property should be performed annually to comply with British Standards.

If you have missed your routine inspection, or it due imminently, Synecore can promptlycomplete a comprehensive emergency lighting and fire alarm test at the earliest convenience.

What do emergency lighting assessment involve?

Synecore is an accredited emergency lighting specialist. We design, install, maintain and commission emergency lighting for commercial properties, including offices, restaurants, retailers, air ports, hotels, gyms and leisure facilities. 

As part of our emergency lighting tests we will assess the system’s:

  • Components: switches, batteries, wiring, luminaires and control equipment
  • Internal positioning to prevent panic in an emergency situation and highlight firefighting equipment and exits
  • External positioning to direct evacuees to the designated safety zone
  • High risk task lighting for potentially dangerous processes and situations, such as working with chemicals and explosives

What do fire alarm tests and servicing involve?

When undertaking a fire alarm test and servicing, our team of professional engineers will:

  • Clean each unit to prevent build-up of dust and dirt
  • Check adequate battery life remains on each smoke detector until the next inspection
  • Check for faulty wiring and cable within the fire alarm casings and throughout the system
  • Inspect and test the mains panel, heat and smoke detectors, multi sensors, luminaires and sirens
  • Replace filament lamps
  • Check radio fire detection and signal


Following the emergency lighting assesment and fire alarm test, we will generate a report, explaining the work undertaken, any fault or malfunctions found and the remedial work undertaken.

If you would like to learn more about our emergency lighting and fire alarm tests for commercial premises, please contact the Synecore team on 01795 509 509 or email sales@synecore.co.uk.

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