Air Conditioning Maintenance London and Kent Businesses – A Guide For 2020

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As with any equipment or system e.g. your car or central heating, your air conditioning system needs maintenance on a regular basis. It's not a case of fix and forget. Air conditioning maintenance is vital to the longevity of your air conditioning system. If you neglect the maintenance of your system it's likely to lead to a steady decline in air conditioning performance and you'll also see a rise in energy use as your system has to work harder to deliver the same performance.

Proactively maintaining your system will not only extend its life but it can also save you time and money in the short and long term. By making sure your system is in top condition all year round you'll cut back on downtime and the need for repairs and replacement parts as issues are detected and dealt with early. Even something as simple as replacing an air filter can prolong your system's lifespan and prevent knock on effects to other parts of your system which could lead to bigger and more expensive problems later on.

Did you know: your air conditioner may appear to be running smoothly but it can still lose around 5% of its operational efficiency each and every year?

So how do you make sure your air conditioning continues to run smoothly and efficiently all year round? There is a simple answer - air conditioning maintenance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

As we've previously mentioned it's important to maintain your air conditioning system - and this should be done on a regular basis. However there are signs that an air conditioning service/maintenance is overdue. These are:

  • Your AC system starts blowing warm or hot air instead of cold air during hot weather.
  • The air flow from your air conditioning vents is reduced.
  • If you notice that a part of a room is hotter or colder than another area of the same room or if some rooms are at different temperatures when they've all been set to the same temperature.
  • When a system stops removing moisture from the air so you experience higher humidity.
  • If there is moisture leaking from your air conditioning system.
  • Grinding, grating, scraping, clanking or squealing noises can be heard coming from the air conditioning.
  • When your air conditioning starts to smell "musty", there is a burning smell or a rotten egg smell.
  • Your thermostat isn't working.
  • You see error codes on your system panel.
  • Your air conditioning won't turn on.

If any of the above signs are present then it's time to schedule air conditioning maintenance of your system.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Maintenance Be Carried out?

Air conditioning maintenance and its timing depends on the age, size, type and workload of the system of the system installed. Normally a once or twice a year visit is sufficient with a minimum of every 12 months but may need to be more regular if the system is very large or old.

During periods of intense heat waves or cold weather when your air conditioning system has to work harder then an additional maintenance visit maybe prudent.

The Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Samsung reports that implementing regular air conditioning maintenance will help maintain up to 95% of your air conditioning systems original, from the factory floor efficiency. There are other benefits too including:

  • Better performance. When your system has problems then it is likely to underperform. Underperformance can have a number of impacts and where there are issues they may affect other parts of your system causing a knock on effect and a further decline in performance.
  • More energy efficient. Maintaining your air conditioning system will help it to continue to run efficiently as you'll be able to catch problems earlier and resolve them. If your system has to work harder because of clogged air filters, a failing compressor or an issue with the evaporator coil it will use more energy leading to a higher energy costs and potentially costly repair bills.
  • Longer life span. Air conditioning maintenance, especially regular or planned preventative air conditioning maintenance can extend the life of your system. It's like any piece of equipment. With the right care and attention it will continue to perform and it will last longer.
  • Fewer repairs. As mentioned above one faulty or part that's malfunctioning can cause stress on your system and can also potentially affect other parts within the system leading to multiple part failures if left unchecked. The sooner you detect and fix an issue the less likely you are to have other problems and the quicker your system will be back to full operation.
  • Improved air quality. An AC system doesn't just cool the air. It performs a variety of tasks from keeping a room at a set temperature to reducing humidity and cleaning the air. If you have any doubts about whether your air conditioning is doing this your air conditioning filter should put this beyond doubt. A filter that's been in use for a short time accumulates grim and dust, filtering out any air borne particulates to purify the air you breathe. By maintaining the system, including cleaning the air filters, you make sure the system and filters are able to keep doing their job.
  • Increased comfort. Last but not least, an efficient system keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer, reduces in-door pollution and dehumidifies the air, to keep you comfortable.

Expert Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Maintenance Contractors

It's clear to see that air conditioning maintenance is vital to ensuring your AC keeps working throughout the year. To this end Synecore offer provide a comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and servicing programme. Synecore offers a comprehensive range of planned preventative air conditioning maintenance options to suit your business and the size of your premises. As part of the air conditioning service you will receive scheduled visits throughout the year to keep your system efficient and F-GAS compliant.

To find out how Synecore can help your business, get in touch with our head office in Sittingbourne, Kent for more information. We operate throughout Kent, London and the UK. You can call us on 01795 509509, email us at or get in touch via our contact form.

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