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UK Heat Pump Installations On The Rise

There has been a surge in heat pump applications since the UK government announced a Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant increase.
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UK Homes Experience Poor Indoor Air Quality and Damp Problems

A new survey of UK homeowners found that 55% had suffered from poor indoor air quality, condensation, damp and mould…
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Indoor Air Quality Is A Worry For Employees

A number of surveys have found that indoor air quality continues to be a major concern for employees.
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Who Do We Have To Thank For Air Conditioning?

When the temperature outside is high or low we can control the inside temp with air conditioning but who do…
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Air Conditioning Is Important As Another Amber Heat Alert Is Issued

High temperatures can have an impact on health if they are not mitigated. One of the ways to ensure that…
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How Air Conditioning Plays An Important Role in the Workplace

When it comes to the workplace, air conditioning can play a vital role in in ensuring a happy, healthy workforce…
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What Causes Refrigeration Breakdowns?

In this article we look at the possible causes of refrigeration breakdowns and how you can make sure your system…
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UK FGas Regulations – Are You Compliant?

All owners of air conditioning systems which contain FGas, with a CO2 equivalent charge of 5 tonnes or more, are…
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The Coolest Day of the Year? 26 June 2023 World Refrigeration Day

Were you aware that 26 June 2023 is World Refrigeration Day? @worldrefday #WorldRefrigerationDay #NextGenCooling
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How Temperature and Humidity Can Affect Your Air Conditioning

Temperature and humidity play an important part in how well your air conditioning system functions.
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UK Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Standards

The Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill would legally require the government to achieve and maintain indoor air quality WHO standards…
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Is Your Air Conditioning Ready For 2023, Predicted To Be One of the Hottest Years on Record?

The Met Office is predicting that 2023 “will be one of the Earth’s hottest years on record”, hotter than 2022.…
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What You Need To Know About Ventilation and Air Conditioning UK Legal Requirements

This article will help you navigate the regulations that you need to be aware of when it comes to your…
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The Future of Heat Pumps In the UK

A lack of familiarity and knowledge about heat pumps is proving to be a major barrier in the UK, in…
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The Investment In Building Energy Efficiency and Heat Pumps Is Needed Now

Energy efficiency funding for heat pumps and insulation to reduce energy consumption announced in the autumn statement is needed now.
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Are Heat Pumps Suitable For All Homes?

The Electrification of Heat Demonstration project has shown that no property type or architectural era is unsuitable for a heat…
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