Heat Pumps

Synecore provides expert heat pump installation in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex. We install heat pumps for both homes and commercial buildings.

As an approved contractor, with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we can offer incredible value and long-term warranties for air source and ground source heat pump installations.

Heat Pump Installation

Are you looking for a sustainable solution to heat your home or business?

Many homeowners, landlords and businesses are opting for air-source and ground-source heat pumps over traditional oil and gas-powered heating systems. Spurred on by rising fuel costs and NetZero targets, demand for alternative heat sources is on the rise.

The appeal of air-source and ground-source heat pumps is that they can be retrofitted to your existing heating system. Although some older properties may require additional insulation to ensure the installation is effective, the overall outcome is a low-carbon and warm interior.


UK Government Funding for Heat Pump Installations

Heat pump are one of the many great new technologies that offer sustainable heating solutions for the home and business. Hence the government has pledged to fund heat pump installations and other renewable heating systems until end of December 2027 as part of their Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

Those that live in England and Wales can apply for £7,500 towards a new air source heat pump installation or ground source heat pump.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pump installations are suited to homes with extensive grounds that can be excavated to install the necessary pipework. This type of heat pump is most suited to new or renovated properties with plenty of external land.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are ideal for all types of homes and commercial properties that have access to an external wall with plenty of air circulation. Insulation is key to the effectiveness of an air source heat pump, so you may need to consider some additional costs beyond the heat pump installation.

Heat Pump Design and Installation

It is worth us pointing out that, unlike many independent heat pump installers, Synecore offers both design and installation. Both elements are critical to the effectiveness of your new heating system, but not all contractors have the in-house facilities to offer both. At Synecore, we have the means to offer a turnkey heat pump design and installation service.

Contact the heat pump installation experts at Synecore. We offer value and long term warranties on all heat pump installations.

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