Air conditioning servicing for schools in Kent

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Synecore's air conditioning servicing for schools in Kent has been favoured by one particular primary school in Dartford. After carrying out the installation of three Toshiba air conditioning units at Fleetdown Primary School in Dartford, Kent, the school awarded Synecore the air conditioning service and maintenance contract.

By ensuring the newly installed air conditioning units are serviced at least once a year, they will remain efficient and free from leaks, smells and breakdowns. Most importantly Synecore will make sure the air conditioning units comply with strict Fgas regulations, a legal obligation for owners of air conditioning systems.

As part of our plan to provide air conditioning servicing for schools in Kent, the systems will be thoroughly cleaned, refrigerant levels will be checked and all aspects of the Toshiba air conditioning equipment will be tested for leakages and errors in the system.

What are the benefits to Synecore’s air conditioning servicing for schools in Kent?

At this time of year businesses, schools and hospitals are beginning to switch on their air conditioning systems for the first time in several months, or for dual heating and cooling systems, they are experiencing a sudden change in use. For under-maintained air conditioning systems this can cause some major issues.

Over the time the systems has been unused, mildew and mould may have built up within the pipes, causing unpleasant smells, leaks and strange noises. As part of Synecore’s servicing for schools, a fully qualified air conditioning engineer will inspect the system before it is switched on for regular use during the summer, thus preventing any damage to the air conditioning system.

This essential scheme can not only improve the efficiency of an air conditioning system, but also extend its overall lifespan.

As well as receiving regular visits throughout the year to ensure your air conditioning equipment is in excellent conditioning, Synecore service and maintenance customers can also benefit from priority call outs for broken down air conditioning systems.

Synecore’s service and maintenance programme is tailored to suit the needs of each individual client, the size of their property and the number of air conditioning units already installed. For old units, Synecore can provide impartial advise on installing a more efficient unit that is economical to run, while being kind to the environment.

Find out more information about Synecores air conditioning servicing for schools.

Synecore provides repairs for air conditioning breakdowns in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and the wider UK. If you are a business, school, hospital or other organisation with an air conditioning system in place make sure you comply with strict Fgas regulations. Find out more.

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