Back-up air conditioning systems for server rooms

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air conditioning for server rooms

Don't put your server room at risk

Maintaining a consistent temperature in a server room is crucial to ensuring essential equipment does not overheat, potentially causing the server to fail. For any business a fatal server breakdown could be catastrophic - important files can be lost and the staff downtime can be extremely costly. As an air conditioning specialist we recommend installing a back-up air conditioning system for server rooms and in other critical areas where the temperature must be constantly controlled. This is especially important for companies that have an old system in place that runs on the banned refrigerant gas, HCFC R-22.

Air conditioning systems running on R-22 gas can no longer be serviced or repaired. If anything goes wrong, a new system will need to be installed, meaning your sever room could be without air conditioning for up to two weeks. This is the amount of time it can take from the initial site survey to installation, especially during the busy summer period. All this time your server is at risk.

At Synecore we offer affordable solutions to air conditioning installations and maintenance. For new installations we can provide up to seven year’s warranty when combined with our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheme. We even have payment plans available to help you spread the cost.

Our PPM plans keep your air conditioning system in excellent condition all year round. Tailored to suit your existing or new equipment, we ensure you remain legally FGas compliant and hold an up-to-date TM44 assessment.

FGas compliancy is a legal obligation for any business running an air conditioning system with the CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes and above. While TM44 assessments must take place every five years for any air conditioning systems with a combined rated output of 12kW or more.

For more information on new air conditioning installations and air conditioning maintenance, contact the service team on 0845 241 5953.

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