Can You Depend On Your Air Conditioning This Summer?

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As we head towards the summer and temperatures are likely to increase do you know if you can depend on your air conditioning?

Although air conditioning is useful throughout the year, the winter and summer usually prove to be when air conditioning most demonstrates it worth. Although the UK is known for variable weather it too can sometimes hit temperature highs. In 2021 the UK suffered a heat wave with recorded temperatures of 30.2°C in Cardiff and 31.6°C at Heathrow. The highest ever temperature was recorded in Cambridge on 25 July 2019 at 38.7°C, beating the previous August 2003 record of 38.5°C in Faversham, Kent. In fact the ten hottest years have occurred since 2002.

Of course UK heat waves pale in comparison to heat waves elsewhere e.g. a temperature of 56.7 °C was recorded in Death Valley in the United States on 10 July 1913. However given the highs and lows of temperatures and the variability of UK weather conditions, where all four seasons can impact one day, AC plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in all workplaces in the UK from offices to hotels to restaurants and gyms.

Given the importance of your business’s air conditioning you need to ask “can you depend on your air conditioning system this summer?” Now is the time to start to think about ensuring your AC will continue to perform efficiently and effectively no matter the weather outside. The very last thing you want to happen is for your AC to stop working just when you most need it.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like every other mechanical and electrical equipment air conditioning needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues to perform day in and day out even when it’s having to work at it’s hardest to maintain the indoor temperature e.g. during the change from winter to summer or vice versa. It’s the change in temperature that can lead to your air conditioning having issues e.g. inconsistent room temperatures, unpleasant smells, refrigerant leaks or grinding noises etc.

Failing to maintain your air conditioning system will lead to failures and eventually full system breakdown which may also impact the lifespan of your equipment. By neglecting your AC you will be taking a chance with the efficient running of the system which in turn will also result in a less energy efficient system and higher energy bills.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning will prevent downtime and ensure it performs consistently and efficiently, saving you time, money and ultimately giving you the peace of mind that your air conditioning will work when it’s most needed. Effective air conditioning will also mean:

Better Air Quality

Your air conditioning plays a major role in keeping your workplace air clean thereby improving the air quality. AC units continuously filter the air of dust, dirt, pollen and other irritants which find their way into your building.

If the filters are not cleaned or replaced regularly, dirt, dust, pollen etc. will build up and the filters will become clogged. As a result the air conditioning has to start to work harder to keep the air clean and will ultimately stop performing as it should. Inspecting and changing the filters is one of the simplest and most important aspects of AC maintenance. As long as regular maintenance is carried out on the filters and they are cleaned or replaced as required your air conditioning will continue to filter out particulates, dust and germs, ensuring the air quality within your workspace.

Better Energy Efficiency

By maintaining your air conditioning you will also be ensuring that your system is working as efficiently and effectively as it can as all components will be performing as they should and to their specifications.

However if your system goes for any length of time without the proper maintenance you run the risk of problems arising e.g. clogged filters, refrigerant leaks, dirty condenser coils etc. which will cause your AC to have to work harder to achieve the temperature that has been set. An inefficient AC system uses more energy leaving you with higher energy costs and a larger energy bill. Regular, planned preventative maintenance will save you energy and money.

Longer Life

As with any piece of equipment the way it is looked after and maintained will determine how long it will last. The typical air conditioning system lifespan is around fifteen years. After this time your HVAC is likely to start to have an ever increasing number of problems ranging from simple to expensive and complicated fixes. When one component starts to fail it may also affect other components and without the proper maintenance a cascading effect may result as one part of the system fails leading to stress on other components making them fail.

Planned maintenance is likely to detect issues in advance especially if it’s scheduled regularly. By stopping component failures or by diagnosing potential issues early and resolving them you  will extend the lifespan of your AC system.

Lower Repair Costs

Where regular maintenance isn’t carried out there are more likely to be system and component failures within your air conditioning. Replacing parts can be costly and when there are multiple failures or a failing part impacts a perfectly good part the costs can increase resulting in an expensive repair bill.  By keeping on top of maintenance any issues are far more likely to be detected and component and system failures averted.

Planned Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance covers a host of tasks from inspecting the system to look for any issues; to checking the control panel, thermostat settings and sensors, electrical connections and ductwork to changing the filters and cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils to looking for leaks, lubricating moving parts and fully testing the system. 

Synecore offers a commercial air conditioning Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service to businesses across the UK. All PPM packages are tailor made for your business and are dependent on the size of the premises and the AC installed. As part of the PPM air conditioning package Synecore schedules site visits throughout the year to keep your AC performing at peak efficiency. The PPM package ensures your equipment is back up and running as soon as possible. Our customers receive high priority status for any air conditioning breakdowns and repairs, with an engineer onsite within hours of the fault being reported.

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your air conditioning system in top shape, through a PPM, contact Synecore on 01795 509 509. Our team will book an appointment for one of our engineers to visit your site and discuss your options.

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