Christmas Prep: Coldroom Repairs and Maintenance – Tick!

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The Christmas period is soon to commence and the countdown has already begun. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and food outlets will be brimming with customers and the tills will be ringing. You want nothing to go wrong during this busy period, so make sure your kitchen equipment, especially your coldroom, is well prepared and suitably ready. At Synecore we know how important it is for your commercial kitchen run smoothly during the festive season and are therefore offering competitive coldroom repairs / planned preventative maintenance (PPM) for all walk-in coldrooms, central production facilities and blast chillers.

Synecore’s PPM scheme has been tailored to meet the needs of all-types of commercial kitchens, from large hotel chains to independent coffee houses. As a result the service is geared up to provide a thorough inspection of your commercial refrigeration at set times of the year and act quickly should repairs be required. Each PPM scheme is customised to meet the needs of the individual client and will take into account the spec, quantity, age and usage of the refrigeration equipment.

Coldroom Repairs

Coldroom breakdowns unfortunately cannot always be avoided, and therefore we offer a 24/7 emergency call out service to keep your business trading as usual. A professional refrigeration engineer will be on site as soon as possible to carry out the necessary work.

Should the downtime of your refrigeration system be longer than hoped, we have a solution. Our new mobile coldroom trailer offers both chilling and freezing facilities. This compact temporary coldroom is fully weather proof for outside storage and comes complete with integrated shelving and lighting.

Refrigeration and coldroom breakdowns are often the cause of misuse – such as leaving the door open and unplugging the system for short periods. To avoid such breakdowns, Synecore offers training to all employees on the use of refrigeration equipment as part of its tailored PPM services.

Rather than suffer the inconvenience of a refrigeration breakdown this Christmas, be prepared. Contact the Synecore refrigeration team on 0845 241 4953 to find out more about our Planned Preventative Maintenance Scheme.

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