Demand for Air Conditioning Installations and Repairs in Kent and London Heats Up

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Press release: 6 August 2018

Demand for Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Services in Kent and London Heats Up

55 days without rain in some areas of the UK and amber weather warnings in place, this is proving to be the hottest summer on record in over 40 years. Therefore it is no wonder air conditioning installation and repair contractors in Kent and London are in high demand.

This is a typically busy time of year for Kent air conditioning company, Synecore, who are used to an increase in air conditioning installation and repair requests during the summer months. However, the recent heatwave has revealed that many Kent and London businesses are not maintaining their air-conditioning systems to a high enough standard, causing them to overheat and leak when used to full capacity.

South Eastern counties, including London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey have been most affected by the heatwave. It has tested the air conditioning in offices, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, gyms and shops to the limits.  So much so, a recent article in Kent Online revealed that a local cinema was offering customers their money back if they could not stand the heat during particularly hot periods. The reason, lack of air conditioning!

As global warming impacts on the British climate, lengthy heatwaves are becoming more common occurrence, with regular bursts of the mercury reaching 30+C in parts of the UK during the summer months. As a result, many businesses are suffering the consequences of not maintaining their systems or having a poor installation.

Neil Shepherd, Synecore’s Key Account HVAC Project Manager explains, “The main reasons for the breakdowns of many air conditioning systems have been due to overheating. In many cases faults have been caused by poor installations, where the size of the AC system has been too small for the space it needs to cool. This causes it to work harder and overheat when used for longer periods.

“The problem stems from miscalculations of the space versus the size of the air conditioning unit installed. At times like this, I must stress how important it is to choose a reputable air conditioning contractor for your installation. The system must be correctly designed for the space to prevent problems later on.

“The other issue has been poor maintenance. So many businesses do not invest in regular maintenance of their air conditioning systems, which causes them to overheat, or leak.”

Air conditioning should be regularly maintained to prevent leaks, breakdowns, as well as improve efficiency and the overall lifespan of the system. All too often air-conditioning systems are being used to full capacity for longer periods and if the filters and coils haven’t been cleaned, or the system hasn’t been serviced, the cool air will work harder to pass through the system, causing it to overheat.

“If I were to give any business advise about keeping their workforce cool this summer, it is to have their air conditioning system routinely serviced by professional AC engineers,” concludes Shepherd.

For businesses in Kent, London and the South East, Synecore offers a comprehensive Planned Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance (PPM) scheme. Synecore’s service team routinely schedule a suitable time for an engineer to carry out a service, ensuring it works correctly all year round. Synecore’s PPM scheme also takes care of Fgas records on behalf of the end user to provide full peace of mind.

To find out more about Synecore’s PPM scheme and air conditioning installation and repair services contact the air conditioning service team or call the 24/7 call out service on 0845 241 4953.

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