Emergency Back Up

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Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for Synecore’s Server System

In the event of an emergency at our head office, such as a fire or complete server failure, we have devised an emergency Disaster Recovery Plan  (DRP) to ensure each and every project can continue as usual, causing no impact on our clients.

Our clients can now be rest assured that Synecore’s server boasts a complete triple backup system for all its computer files and programs. Each evening the server is automatically backed-up to servers onsite and offsite.

Even in the event of a fire on the premises, resulting in a complete server burn-out, Synecore can resume its ongoing projects within 48 hours. With multiple back-ups in place, all valuable drawings, plans, certification and accounting associated with each contract will be safeguarded with the utmost efficiency.

This is yet another example of Synecore's devotion to providing the best possible customer experience.

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