Emergency Lighting Compliance

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Emergency Lighting Compliance in London, Kent and the Wider UK

Emergency lighting compliance is just one of the building services that Synecore offers to ensure your property remains safe, fully functioning, efficient and compliant.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that with Synecore, you are in great hands. We are a fully accredited and reputable emergency lighting compliance company.

Our dedicated service team will ensure your emergency lighting tests and servicing schedule are up-to-date, while keeping you in the loop at every stage. We’ll arrange routine checks and tests of your emergency lighting to ensure it meets current British Safety Standards.

Having worked with high profile clients in hospitality, leisure, travel and commercial sectors we are well placed to offer emergency lighting compliance to clients that manage one, or multiple properties.

Emergency Lighting Compliance Obligations

Emergency lighting luminaires should be tested monthly and all components must be tested annually during a time a low risk emergency.

If you have missed your routine inspection, or one is due imminently, Synecore can promptly complete a comprehensive emergency lighting test at the earliest convenience.

Emergency Lighting Compliance Tests and Servicing 

Synecore is an accredited emergency lighting specialist. We design, install, maintain and commission emergency lighting for commercial properties, including offices, restaurants, retailers, airports, hotels, gyms and leisure facilities. 

As part of our emergency lighting tests we will assess the system’s:

  • Components: switches, batteries, wiring, luminaires and control equipment
  • Internal positioning to prevent panic in an emergency situation and highlight firefighting equipment and exits
  • External positioning to direct evacuees to the designated safety zone
  • High risk task lighting for potentially dangerous processes and situations, such as working with chemicals and explosives


As a valued client, you will receive your very own online portal, where you can view the latest reports from the engineer that carried out your compliance assessment. You’ll also see a detailed description of the assessment, any faults or malfunctions found, and the remedial work undertaken.

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Contact the Synecore team to discover how we can help you maintain a safe workplace for your staff and visitors, or for extended building compliance services, please visit our pages for:

Electrical compliance 

Air conditioning compliance 

Fire Alarm Compliance

Call us now on 01795 509 509 or email sales@synecore.co.uk.


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