Heat wave spurs rise in emergency call-outs for air conditioning repairs

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Mechanical and electrical specialists, Synecore is reacting to increased call outs for broken-down air conditioning units in offices, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets due to the heat wave. The soar in temperatures, reaching as high as 35˚C last Wednesday, created panic over broken or underperforming air conditioning units in companies across Kent, Sussex, London and Essex. Synecore's air conditioning repair service was in high demand.

Gary Piper, Synecore’s expert in Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) explains, “The majority of offices and commercial properties keep their air conditioning systems well maintained, but the heat wave has prompted more companies to either repair their units or have them serviced. As a result we have experienced a significant increase in calls from the moment the heat wave was predicted and continue to receive calls.”

The high temperatures can be detrimental to a company and its workforce. Becoming over heated is not only harmful to the individual, but the hotter it is the more lethargic employees become resulting in reduced productivity.

For many commercial properties, such as offices, retail outlets and restaurants, the increase of air conditioning usage during the heat wave – after remaining stagnant throughout the cooler months – led to malfunctions in the system. An under maintained air conditioning system may develop smells or go wrong during a sudden increase in usage. To prevent air conditioning breakdowns and costly repairs, Synecore offers a complete maintenance package, ensuring an ideal ambient temperature in the workplace all-year-round.

Before the heat wave drama, Synecore experienced a rise in enquiries due to the recent EU ban on the use of ozone depleting R-22 HCFC refrigerants in any air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Synecore team aim to keep its clients well informed of their legal obligations to maintaining systems in order to remain FGas compliant, with the change in legislation being a key concern at present.

“Air conditioning systems or refrigeration units installed over 15 years ago are likely to run on R-22 HCFC refrigerants,” explains Piper. “To support businesses affected by the law change, we are offering advice on replacing the whole system, or modifying the existing equipment to use new eco-friendly refrigerants.”

If you are concerned or unsure about your company’s legal obligations surrounding the R-22 ban and the general maintenance of your commercial air conditioning system, then contact the Synecore air conditioning repair service team for helpful advice on 01795 509509 or on the air conditioning page.

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