Is Your Air Conditioning Summer Ready?

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Temperatures are rising, but can you say your air conditioning is summer ready? If we experience heatwaves similar to last year, then air conditioning will undoubtedly play a vital role in the operation and productivity of your office, restaurant, hotel, school or college cool.

Given what an important role your air conditioning will play during the summer months now is the time to think about making sure your AC is performing efficiently and effectively. The last thing you want to do is to find that your air conditioner can’t cope with the heat right in the middle of the summer, just when you most need it.

Just like any other mechanical and electrical system your air conditioner needs regular maintenance and care to help it to continue to function efficiently. This is especially true of air conditioning systems as they make the change from the winter months, where AC may be used to heat commercial properties, to the summer months where AC changes to keep business premises cool. It’s this change in temperature that can lead to issues occurring e.g. leakages, noises, funny smells and/or error codes.

If you fail to keep the system running at top performance by neglecting it e.g. if you don’t clean the system, its performance will start to deteriorate and you eventually run the risk of the entire system failing. This will ultimately lead to down time and you may even require a replacement.  As well as failing your air conditioning units are likely to become less energy efficient which in turn will lead to higher energy bills. Planned Preventative Maintenance will prevent downtime and keep your air conditioning system running efficienty and smoothly.

Regular maintenance can help to ensure your air conditioning performs consistently AND efficiently over time, saving you time, money and ultimately giving you the peace of mind that your AC will work when it’s most needed.

air conditioning summer ready

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

The best way to ensure your air conditioning is working correctly and is F-GAS compliant is to schedule regular maintenance by qualified professionals. Synecore offers a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service to all UK businesses who have commercial air conditioning. All PPM packages are tailor made for your business and are dependent on the size of the premises and the AC installed.

As part of the PPM air conditioning package Synecore schedules site visits throughout the year to keep your air conditioning performing at peak efficiency. This ensures that you get the most from your system all year round.

Should you suffer a system breakdowns the PPM package covers AC repairs to ensure your equipment is back up and running as soon as possible. In fact, our regular air conditioning maintenance customers recieve high priority status for any air conditioning breakdowns and repairs, meaning an engineer will be onsite within hours.

Maintaining your air conditioning with Synecore comes with a variety of benefits including:

  • Efficient performance leading to reduced energy bills
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Avoiding breakdowns and unexpected downtime which can impact your business
  • Helping to prolong the lifespan of the system
  • F-GAS compliancy managed
  • TM44 Certification
  • 24/7 emergency call out service

Synecore Project Managers and Engineers

Each and every one of our air conditioning maintenance projects is overseen by an experienced project manager whose job it is to ensure that your AC system is fully functional, problem free and working efficiently to provide your business, restaurant, hotel or school with just the right amount of heating or cooling required.

During a PPM our engineers carry out a range of system checks to assess the condition and performance of the air conditioning unit and system and will provide you with a detailed report on what needs to be addressed or repaired. They will then go onto carry out any repairs or replacements deemed to be necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of your system and to ensure disruption to your business etc. is kept to an absolute minimum.

What’s Involved in an Air Conditioning PPM Visit?

Here are just a few of the things that our engineers may do (if it is deemed necessary) during a PPM visit:

Visual inspection of the AC system

A visual inspection of the system is carried out to determine whether there are any issues or potential faults. This then allows any problem solving to focus in on what needs to be done and to correct any problems during the PPM visit.

Inspecting and changing filters

Your air conditioning system is built to trap dust and germs and to filter the air to make it clean to breathe. Air conditioning filters are inspected and cleaned or changed to prevent them from becoming clogged with dirt and grime. By changing the filters you avoid your AC system becoming inefficient, restricting air flow, recirculating dust, overheating or breaking down.

Cleaning the condenser unit

Anything that obstructs the air flow of the condenser unit will cut down on its efficiency. Various parts of the condenser may need to be cleaned e.g. the fan, coils and fins.

Removing dust and debris

Dust and debris can settle in other parts of the air conditioning system, not just in the filters or condenser unit. All parts of the system are inspected and cleaned where required.

Replacing insulation on coolant lines

Coolant lines are inspected for deterioration. Where this is found to be the case coolant lines are replaced with new insulation sleeves.

Checking electrical connections

Electrical connections can come loose or break over time. Connections are carefully inspected to check for fraying or damage and replaced where there are issues to prevent or minimise the risk of component failure or fire.

Lubricating moving parts

Air conditioning systems have many moving parts. These parts need to be kept clean and well lubricated to minimise friction and wear and tear. At each inspection parts are inspected and where required they are cleaned and lubricant applied.

Checking refrigerant levels

An air conditioner needs sufficient levels of refrigerants to be able to cool the air efficiently. If there isn’t enough refrigerant then the compressor has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. A lack of refrigerant can also be a sign that there is a fault within the air conditioning system. Refrigerant levels checks are routine in any Synecore maintenance visit.

Testing the system

Once the system has been serviced it is fully tested to ensure it is working at peak efficiency.

Trust in Synecore

Based in Sittingbourne, just outside Maidstone in Kent, Synecore operate throughout Kent, London and the wider UK. Not only do we install the most reliable air conditioning systems from the world’s leading HVAC suppliers we also provide our customers with the highest quality Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service no matter your business type.

For more information on our air conditioning service call us on 01795 509509 and speak to one of our friendly and experienced experts to arrange your air conditioning maintenance today or contact us via our contact form.

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