It’s never too early to start planning for summer – air conditioning service

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air conditioning service

It may seem too early to even contemplate planning ahead to summer, but realistically now is the time to start thinking about the air conditioning in your property and planning an air conditioning service.

Perhaps you don’t currently have any air conditioning units, but would really benefit from an efficient cooling system.

If you do have air conditioning installed, then have you had it maintained on a regular basis?

These are the most frequent scenarios that should be considered now!

Air conditioning installation

If you are thinking about having an air conditioning installation, there are a multitude of products available for different types of use and property size. For most, it can be baffling deciding what system would most suit your business. To help overcome any uncertainty, Synecore’s air conditioning engineers and specialists can assess your property to recommend an appropriate product.

Synecore is an accredited installer of well know air conditioning brands, including Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. Opt for Synecore to undertake your air conditioning installation and you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and their exclusive seven year warranty on these branded products. This is an impressive offering that is available on all air conditioning installations when combined with Synecore Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) package.

Air conditioning service

The PPM air conditioning service is ideal for businesses. It ensures your air conditioning system is functioning as it should all-year-round. As part of your PPM plan, Synecore carries out a number of checks and leak detection tests to make certain you are fulfilling your legal obligation to remain FGas compliant. We will also check that your property holds an up-to-date TM44 certificate. If it doesn’t, our HVAC team will arrange a TM44 inspection to be carried out.

The air conditioning maintenance plan is available to all users of commercial air conditioning, not just those that use Synecore’s installation services. If you haven’t had your air conditioning units inspected or serviced, it’s crucial you do so. Failure to adhere to FGas rules could be harmful to your pocket as well as the environment. The FGas rules and regulations state air conditioning systems with the CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes and above should be leak tested every six months minimum. If a leak is detected in an unmaintained system it could result in a hefty fine.

Each commercial property is different and therefore your PPM air conditioning service plan will be tailored specifically to suit the number of air conditioning units you have and the size of the system. An air conditioning engineer will carry out an extensive assessment to set the benchmark for your PPM plan.

When should you have your AC system serviced?

Depending on the size of the system, it should be serviced anything between once a month to twice a year.  When a system is changed from cooling to heating and vice versa, a maintenance visit is recommended to ensure the system does not suffer any leaks and is cleaned thoroughly to avoid any nasty smells. It is important to add that only an FGas qualified air conditioning engineer should carry out any maintenance on your air conditioning units to prevent accidental damage and a potential leak.

To find out more about Synecore’s air conditioning service, installations, its seven year warranty offering and air conditioning maintenance, contact our professional HVAC team.

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