Commercial EICR Certificate

Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report

To remain safe and compliant with electrical safety standards (code BS7671), the electrical installation within your commercial property must be tested every one to five years, depending on your nature of business and the property’s installation. To give you an idea of how often different property types and installations should be tested, here is a basic breakdown:

An EICR should also be carried out on properties that are about to be let or sold, have recently been extended or refurbished, or have experienced some sort of damage, such as flooding, fire or structural defects.

What does an EICR involve?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is intended to identify any electrical faults, or wear and tear that could cause issues in the future.

As part of the EICR, Synecore’s engineers will assess the age and condition of all of your electrical components to ensure they meet British Standards.

We will record and test the following components:

The final report will identify and report:

Remedial works

When complete, should you EICR present a list of improvements required to comply with regulations, Synecore can quickly and effectively make carry out any repairs or alterations.

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