F-Gas Compliance

The rules and regulations

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs and HCFCs) are a type of Fluorinated gases (FGas) which feature in many air conditioning, refrigeration and heat-pump systems. If released into the atmosphere, they can have a harmful global warming effect.

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is consistently reviewing the use of FGas to combat climate change. As a result, businesses are legally obliged to keep their air conditioning system regularly maintained and tested for FGas leaks.

All operators (i.e. the business owner, facilities manager or office manager) of air conditioning and cooling systems containing FGas are legally required to have qualifying equipment leak tested and maintain a record of maintenance and servicing. The person appointed to carry out this type of work must hold a DEFRA-approved Stationary Equipment Qualification Company Certificate (full certificate), issued by Refcom.

FGas certification and compliance is enforced by the Environmental Agency and local authorities. Businesses unable to provide the necessary records to prove their compliance with FGas regulations will receive a penalty notice and further fines if not addressed.

FGas rules and regulations apply to all sizes and types of businesses operating an air conditioning, refrigeration system with the CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes and above. The frequency of FGas testing is required as follows:

Tonnes CO2 Equivalent Charge Weight FGas inspections
5-50 tonnes At least every 12 months
50-500 tonnes At least every 6 months
> 500 tonnes At least every 3 months

A leak detection system must be installed on equipment containing the FGas equivalent to more than 500 tonnes of CO2. If a leak is detected, the system alerts the operator and the service company responsible for your equipment. The leak detection system must be checked once a year to ensure it is working correctly and to comply with FGas regulations.

Remain compliant with Planned Preventative Maintenance

At Synecore we offer businesses of all sizes Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) for their air conditioning  and commercial refrigeration systems. Each PPM package is designed to meet the needs of the individual business and the air conditioning system in place and ensure full FGas compliance.

As part of every PPM package, our Refcom certified engineers carry out scheduled visits to keep your system efficient and FGas compliant all year round. On your behalf, we will maintain your FGas records to keep you legally compliant with FGas regulations.

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