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When There Snow Heating!

When the weather is as cold it has been lately and it's likely to snow, you may be rethinking the heating system in your commercial property or be looking to enhance it. If so, did you know an office air conditioning system is not just for summer? There is such a thing as a dual office air conditioning system that offers both heating and cooling solutions.

No one wants to work in an uncomfortable environment, after all it is not productive. When there is an office air conditioning system that offer heating and cooling why would you choose anything else?

Air conditioning systems are readily available to install, they are energy efficient and affordable. Plus, Synecore offers a 7 YEAR WARRANTY ON AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATIONS WITH MAINTENANCE ON LEADING BRANDS.

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What type air conditioners are there?

There are many types of office air conditioning systems available. Ultimately, the type of system and units will depend on the size of your property and how much of it you want to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To help with your decision making, book a FREE site survey with a Synecore air conditioning engineers. They will discuss your needs, assess your property and the various zones you want to heat and cool, then they will make a recommendation on the type of air conditioner you need.

Here are some examples of air conditioning systems available and their suitability:

Single split air conditioning system

A single split air conditioning system work with a single indoor air conditioning unit coupled with an outdoor wall mounted unit. This type of system is suited to a small office, classroom or individual hotel room. A single split system can be simple to install and requires minimal disruption.

Multi split air conditioning system

A multi split air conditioning system configures an outdoor unit with up to five indoor units in different styles, including: wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ducted and vented. This type of air conditioner is recommended for average size businesses that have more than one office and meeting space that needs simultaneous heating and cooling.

VRF air conditioners

VRF or VRV heat recovery systems are a practical and efficient solution for heating and cooling commercial properties. This system is ideal for large commercial premises, such as hospitals, hotels, schools and large office blocks. The heat recovery system extracts heat from one zone, and uses it to heat fresh air coming in.

A single VRF/VRV outdoor unit can accommodate up to 48 indoor units. The outdoor units are usually stored on a roof top.

The ease of installation will depend on the system and the route required for the pipe or ductwork.

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What else should I know about air conditioning installations?

If you have an office air conditioning system with an effective rated output of more than 12kw, you will require an energy assessment at least every five years. A qualified assessor will review all documentations about the air conditioning system, the energy consumptions, it’s efficiency and recommend improvements.

Over time air conditioning systems may need replacing, especially if they are running on refrigerants that have been phased out. One of Synecore’s specialist engineers will be able to advise you on an efficient and cost-effective replacement.

Air conditioning maintenance

It’s important that any air conditioning system is regularly maintained and serviced. It should be checked and tested for leaks and cleaned at least twice a year.

Having your air conditioning system regularly maintained by Synecore will validate your manufacturers 7 year warranty with us. We provide comprehensive planned preventative maintenance (PPM) scheme for businesses throughout London, Kent and the wider UK.

Having an office air conditioning system installed

Speak to the Synecore air conditioning team to arrange a visit from one of our qualified engineers. They will be able to advise on the right system for you.

When you have an air conditioning system installed by Synecore, you will be eligible for our 7 YEAR WARRANTY (PARTS AND LABOUR) on equipment by leading brands, including Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Toshiba Air Conditioning.

Contact our team for more information on Synecore office air conditioning systems.

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