Orangetheory Fitness Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing London

Orangetheory Fitness London

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contract


Founded in Florida in 2010, Orangetheory Fitness is one of the most successful gym franchises in the world and is growing at an astronomical rate. The brand currently boasts 1400 franchises in 17 countries worldwide.

In the UK alone 110 Orangetheory Fitness gyms are planned to open by 2028 (70 in London and the South East and 40 covering the North and Midlands).

In the last 12 months four Orangetheory Fitness gyms have opened in London, one of which was in Wandsworth, where interior fit-out experts, Ghost Projects contracted Synecore to provide the full plumbing, electrical and air conditioning installation throughout the gym.

Delighted to be part of this major roll out programme, Synecore was selected for its ability to provide an all-encompassing MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) service.

Having worked with Ghost Projects on many occasions, the team were familiar with Synecore’s dynamic design and installation services. By opting for an all-encompassing MEP package, Ghost were confident the design would be efficiently planned to ensure the air conditioning, electrics, ventilation and plumbing were seamlessly installed.

The Schedule

Orangetheory Fitness needed to open fast, so the schedule onsite was tight. There were just 11 weeks to complete the project.

It was down to Synecore’s in-house mechanical and electrical design teams to make sure the installation could be as smooth as possible. They worked together to methodically design the layout of all the cabling, pipework and ductwork throughout the two-story premises. This efficient planning would save time onsite when it came to the installation.

The Gym Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installation

 The Orangetheory Fitness enterprise has been built upon a group exercise programme that is renowned for delivering the very best 60-minute high intensity workout.

Needless-to-say, the air conditioning in Orangetheory Fitness gyms is essential to regulating the temperature during a group workout session. With 4-8 sessions per day, the air conditioning system must be reliable and flexible to suit the gym’s capacity.

Synecore therefore installed seven cassettes air conditioning units within the suspended ceiling, which were fed by Mitsubishi Electric power inverter split systems. The systems ranged from 3.5- 14kw depending on the requirement.

The gym ventilation installation was just as important, as it removes stale air and pumps in fresh air to the gym. The equipment utilised by Synecore for the gym ventilation was Mitsubishi Electric’s LGH Lossney system, which also recovers heat and distributes it to other areas of the building.

Synecore opted for the Mitsubishi Electric product range for this project due to its efficiency, reliability, exceptional power ratings and compatibility with the interior design scheme.

In the changing rooms, the same four-way cassette air conditioning units and the ventilation vents were installed into the ceiling space to provide a comfortable and fresh space for showering and changing after a hard workout.

In the reception area, Synecore fitted an air curtain to ensure the indoor air conditioning is not compromised by the exterior elements as the visitors enter and leave the premises.

Exposed Ductwork and Electrical Cable Trays

While the utilities in gym and changing rooms were concealed within the ceiling, elsewhere the ventilation ductwork was left exposed. This was part of the design theme that really makes use of the meticulous planning and installation of the mechanical design.

The lighting follows the same line of the exposed ductwork, using galvanised steel cable trays as its framework, which is suspended from the ceiling. The combination of the polish chrome coil ductwork and electrical cable trays is especially striking within the foyer/stairwell and corridor.

The Plumbing Installation

The plumbing and drainage installation involved providing heating solutions within the gym’s common spaces and hot water in the washrooms and changing room showers.

Work commenced to connect the landlord’s own boiler plant and heat exchanger, with the hot water service, in order to pre-heat hot water and reduce gas load.

Once the connection was complete, Synecore’s plumbing team opted to install two storage water heaters by Lochinvar called the EcoCharger, combined with expansion vessels by Aquasystems. The system was chosen for its:

  • Heat recovery rates of 540 to 2100 litres per hour
  • Storage capacity of 220 to 488 litres
  • Eco credential
  • Quiet operating levels

The manufacturer of the EcoCharger claims this system has low NOx emissions and can achieve efficiency of up to 98.0% gross CV. As a result, it can help to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, meaning it is ideal for commercial environments, such as gyms and leisure facilities, plus it can qualify for enhanced capital allowances.

For maintenance purposes and for the user, Synecore fitted a BMS interface to the EcoCharger, which displays:

  • How the system is performing
  • The temperatures in the appliance
  • Burning hours
  • Operating hours
  • and more…

With the hot water boiler system in place, Synecore installed the drainage system for the showers, toilets and sinks. Finally, the plumbing team fitted the sanitaryware, showers, basins and taps.

The Electrical Installation

 Synecore was tasked with striping out the original electrical installation and installing new data and electrical cabling to support the installation of:

  • The gym’s TVs
  • Reception TVs and computer systems
  • Lighting throughout
  • Statement orange lighting panels within the main gym
  • Spot lights recessed in the gym and changing room ceilings and within the metal cable ceiling trays in other areas
  • Changing room mirrors with integrated lighting
  • Hand dryers in washrooms and changing rooms

The End Result

 The complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contract was completed in 11 weeks and meets all Orangetheory Fitness franchise guidelines.

“This was an exciting opportunity for Synecore.” Explains Paul Thomas, Synecore’s Managing Director. “We do enjoy working with companies to help them realise their national expansion plan and we also enjoy working with GHOST! They are a great team and very switched on. I’m delighted that the project went smoothly and to plan.

“As Orangetheory continues to expand in London and across the UK, we hope that we play our part in their future success story, as we have done so many young brands in the past.”

Ben Stanier, Project Manager for Ghost Projects remarked, “It was a pleasure as always to work with Synecore on this challenging build. There adaptable and flexible attitude really did help to push this project over the finish line and as always maintaining the highest of standards.”


Orangetheory Fitness on behalf of Ghost Projects


AC install: Mitsubishi Electric Power Inverter Split System 

Water heater: Lochinvar EcoCharger 

Ben Stanier, Ghost Projects

“It was a pleasure as always to work with Synecore on this challenging build. There adaptable and flexible attitude really did help to push this project over the finish line and as always maintaining the highest of standards.”