Tossed Restaurant
HVAC and Electrical Installation

This was Synecore’s first experience providing the mechanical and electrical services for the healthy fast food restaurant, Tossed. The take away franchise chain boasts 14 restaurants in London, a further two in shopping centres and six in Welcome Break Motorway Services across the UK.

Founded in 2005, this fast food chain dishes up healthy eats with a substantial portion of tongue-in-cheek humor. Not many companies can get away with calling its customers and staff “Tossers” and still maintain a healthy bottom line, but the crew at Tossed have managed it, thanks to some great branding that exudes a fun approach to business and healthy eating.

Tossed’s zero-queuing system is another nod to its unconventional set-up. Rather than the traditional ordering from a staff member, customers are encouraged to build their own culinary creations using the options available on tablets within the front of house area.

The Beginning of Our Partnership with Tossed

Synecore’s relationship with Tossed began earlier this year, with the development of its Horseferry Road takeaway, which opened in April. Located near Westminster and Victoria tube stations, Tossed is a popular haunt for commuters seeking a healthier lifestyle and delicious food.

It was Synecore’s reputation for supporting the national rollout programs for various hospitality, retail and leisure brands that impressed the Franchisee of Horseferry Road.

Synecore‘s M&E design and installation capabilities are favored by many restaurant brands like Tossed because of our ability to efficiently complete air conditioning, ventilation, electrics, heating and plumbing installations to a very high standard.

Our national infrastructure is also a prominent factor. We have a network of suppliers and engineers across the UK, who are centrally managed by our dedicated headquarters in Kent. This means we can simultaneously work on multiple sites anywhere in the country.
Paul Thomas, Managing Director of Synecore

Horseferry Road: Restaurant HVAC

To provide an efficient system that would heat, ventilate and cool the Horseferry Road restaurant, Synecore installed a compact Toshiba twin split system to serve the front of house area and a single split for the kitchen.

The air conditioning systems installed were from Toshiba’s light commercial range, featuring a state-of-the-art digital inverter, which offers the end user energy savings, optimized control and lower refrigerant charge, meaning the system is better for the environment and benefits from lower running costs.

In addition to the Toshiba Air Conditioning Split System, Synecore installed a Natural Ventilation Heat Recovery (NVHR) unit to extract stale air and pump in fresh air from outside. This sophisticated unit can naturally ventilate small shops, restaurants and commercial properties with limited roof space.

The fans inside the NVHR unit help to reduce cold drafts during the winter and enhance exhaust extraction during the summer months. With low fan operation, the system is not only quiet, but also offers energy savings.

Fleet Services: Electrical Install

Separately to the Horseferry Road Restaurant, Synecore was contracted by architectural design company, Ghost Projects to complete the electrical installation for the Tossed restaurant at the Welcome Break’s Fleet Services on the M3, South bound.

Following a fire in December 2016, which destroyed Fleet Services, Ghost Projects was instructed to create an all-new building on the same site. However, in the meantime a temporary building was needed. Ghost Projects constructed a space where the various restaurant and retail concessions could operate while the main build took place. Synecore was responsibility for the electrical installation within the temporary set-up.

With the temporary space up and running, the focus turned to the construction of the brand-new Fleet Services building. Here, Synecore completed the electrical fit out for five concessions, including the Tossed restaurant. As part of the build Synecore also completed the HVAC installation for Harry Ramsden and the plumbing work for the new toilet block.

Fleet Services reopened in September 2018 and Tossed continues to attract motorists with a penchant for healthy eating.

It was an absolute pleasure to provide the restaurant HVAC design and installation for Tossed Horseferry Road and the electrical installation for Tossed at Fleet Services,

While these were two very challenging projects, we were able to deliver both installations on time and on budget.

Tossed is a very exciting brand and we look forward to working on more of their restaurant developments as they continue to expand across the UK.
Gary Piper, Synecore’s Mechanical Director

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