Synecore advocates stringent law on cold food storage

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Manufacturers of walk-in coldroom suites and refrigerated display units, Synecore, know only too well how important it is to have the right refrigeration in place in commercial food outlets. The stringent laws on cold food storage make it imperative that food retailers and restaurants ensure they have suitable refrigeration to keep their products safe for consumption.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the legal storage requirement for cold foods is that it must be kept at 8˚C or lower, unless displayed, in which case it can be kept above 8˚C for up to four hours. The Food Standards Agency enforces this law by regularly carrying out important inspections of food outlets across the UK.

Synecore advocates this law by building bespoke cold stores and refrigerated display units that maintain the optimum temperature for cold foods. The company also provides staff training to restaurants, hotels, cafes and other food retailers on how to ensure the ‘cold chain’ is not interrupted for foods that rely on temperature control for their safety. The training covers the importance of ensuring the ambient temperature inside and outside a walk-in cold room is regulated.

Paul Thomas, Synecore’s Managing Director explains, “For all of our refrigeration clients we attend each site to educate the staff on how to avoid needless call outs, such as over stocking, leaving the cold room door open and avoiding incidents where the power supply to a refrigeration cabinet is turned off.”

Synecore’s ability to fabricate fire resistant walk-in cold room suites, blast chilling and freezing facilities, and central production units is favoured among leading brands within the hospitality sector. Five Guys, Malmaison Hotels, Madison, Millennium Foods, Wasabi and Paul Bakery are just a few of the brands to benefit from Synecore’s design and manufacturing expertise.

Cold room construction must be completely safe and efficient and a product that Synecore consistently champions is the PIR fire rated panels by KINGSPAN. These LPCB approved panels have exceptional fire ratings and eco credentials, making them a firm favourite among architects and designers. Coupled with an efficient plant, they are ideal for maintaining a consistent temperature in all single and dual compartment cold rooms.

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