The Only School Open In Medway Uses Heating from 92 Air Conditioning Units

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The only school to open in North Kent during the heavy snow storm is heated by 92 air conditioning units, under an air conditioning maintenance contract with Kent air conditioning company, Synecore.

The heavy snowstorm that has swept the nation this week, also known as the ‘Beast From The East’, has caused hundreds of schools across Kent, London and the South East to close. However, The Academy of Woodlands has been open to the children of Gillingham, Kent, throughout the week, despite amber weather warnings.

60 children from across all year groups attended the school in Medway today, which also happened to be World Book Day. A day that is usually celebrated by school children worldwide, but for most Kent schools, celebrations have been put on hold due to the poor weather conditions.

Facilitating the opening of The Academy of Woodlands are 92 AC units, which are heating the majority of the school. These units have all been maintained by Kent air conditioning company, Synecore.

Sledging and snowman-making have been on the school timetable today
Picture of the children at The Academy of Woodlands playing in the snow during breaktime. Featured on

HVAC Project Manager, Neil Shepherd is responsible for ensuring school's air conditioning system is regularly maintained. He explains how air conditioning is a more superior method of heating in schools:

“Many schools are now choosing AC systems as their main method of heating and cooling classrooms. It allows the teacher to control the ambient temperature within the individual classrooms, which can improve productivity.

“Air conditioning offers a more efficient solution to heating as opposed to traditional gas boilers, which are prone to breakdowns. Radiators take time to heat an area, whereas AC is instant.

“Some schools use AC as a back-up heating system during the winter and for cooling in the summer. Whereas, The Academy of Woodlands adopted ACg as its primary heating and cooling system about 10 years ago. The school now has AC units in almost all of its classrooms.

“We have looked after their AC system for nearly two years now and have replaced a few of the less-efficient units that had broken down. The rest have been maintained and serviced regularly to ensure they remain efficient.” Concludes Shepherd

It’s not just new-builds schools that use air conditioning. Like, The Academy of Woodlands, hundreds of older primary and secondary schools across London and Kent have AC installed.

Depending on budget and the property layout, there are numerous AC options for schools - VRF, VRV, multi split or single split systems.

Synecore also maintains a five-split air conditioning system and refrigeration at Delce Academy in Chatham, Kent. The only other school in Medway that has managed to open this week. However, the icey roads meant the school had to close from Wednesday onwards.

If you would like to learn more about air conditioning installations and maintenance for schools, please contact Synecore on 0845 2414953 or email Synecore offers a seven year warranty on all AC systems installed with maintenance.

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