Top tips to a healthy cold store this Christmas

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No restaurant wants to have to deal with a broken down coldroom this Christmas, so Synecore is offering some coldroom top tips on how to ensure your refrigeration continues to perform during the busy festive period.

1. First of all, it’s very important all staff are fully trained on how use a coldroom, including the chefs, waiting staff, cleaners and managers.

2. The cold store door should never be left open for long periods. This will interfere with the performance of the plant and the ambient temperature.

3. Try not to remove door curtains, as they help to maintain the temperature while the door is open.

4. Never unplug the power supply to a coldroom plant to power vacuum cleaners and other electrical devices. Often the user can forget to reconnect the coldroom to the mains, which can create a big problem with its performance.

5. Don’t overfill a coldroom. Air must be able circulate to maintain a consistent temperature.

As well as following these coldroom top tips  it's essential commercial refrigeration is well maintained and regularly inspected by a qualified engineer, to ensure it is performing efficiently and that it adheres to Fgas regulations. Synecore's service and maintenance programme provides scheduled checks throughout the year to give you peace of mind. Find out more about M&E service and maintenance.

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