Why Should You Leave Air Conditioning Maintenance To The Professionals?

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Air conditioning systems are complex and made up of many moving parts. It’s therefore important that you should avoid a DIY approach when it comes to air conditioning maintenance. In this article we look at why you should leave your AC maintenance to the professionals.

Top Reasons To Leave Air Conditioning Maintenance To The Professionals

If you’re ever tempted to try to resolve your air conditioning system issues yourself it’s worth reading the reasons below as to why it’s not a good idea.

1.  F-Gas Regulations

If you’re the designated operator (anyone responsible for the operation and upkeep of equipment) of an air conditioning system and there is an issue with your HVAC that may be related to the refrigerant you should be aware that you must comply with the rules laid out within the F-gas regulations. F-gas regulations are there to ensure that the appropriate professionals are involved in the maintenance of HVAC systems and the leakage testing and recording of maintenance and servicing.

Refrigerants are dangerous. They are toxic, flammable and can cause breathing difficulties if you come into contact with them. Anyone handling refrigerant and carrying out maintenance and leakage testing must hold a DEFRA approved Stationary Equipment Qualification Company Certificate (full certificate), issued by Refcom. Businesses must provide the necessary records to prove their compliancy with F-gas regulations. Those who cannot may receive a penalty notice and further fines.

2. Safety First

When you’re dealing with mechanical and electrical components and refrigerants there’s a chance that something could go very wrong leading to injury through e.g. electrocution and fire or worse still, death.

Air conditioning engineers are highly qualified and fully understand the need for safety first when it comes to dealing with HVAC systems.

3. The Right Tools

Air conditioning maintenance and repairs require specific tools which most businesses are unlikely to have. Without the right tools you’ll not be able to carry out the repairs and maintenance required to keep your AC working efficiently and effectively.

4. Understanding How One Component Could Affect Another

It’s important to understand how an air conditioning system works if you are going to take on the maintenance. Newer systems are likely to be more complicated but even older systems come with a level of complexity.

If you try to repair one element you may impact another element if you do not know and understand what you are doing, which could result in further damage to your system and even bigger repair costs. Any maintenance that requires taking apart critical components is work for a professional AC engineer.

5. Making The Right Diagnosis

The complexity of air conditioning systems makes it easy to misdiagnose issues, miss issues or in some cases make the issue that you started with worse.

An air conditioning system can go wrong in many ways and unless you understand how each part works and how they come together as a whole correctly diagnosing any faults or failures can prove difficult. An AC engineer will have the correct equipment and a good understanding and experience in diagnosing where the problem lies and will be better able to find the right solution.

6. You May Void Your Warranty

Many air conditioning systems, just like any other electrical or mechanical product when first purchased, usually comes with a warranty.  However you can void the warranty if an unqualified person has attempted to carry out repairs. This could cost you more in the long run as your voided warranty won’t pay for components or labour and you may have to fund any costs yourself.

7. Best Use of Your Time?

If your air conditioning system develops a fault or fails do you have the time to track down the problem? Your time is valuable and although you may think by tackling problems yourself will save you money, the time you will spend away from your business is likely to be more costly than having a maintenance plan in place where you can call in an AC engineer whenever they’re needed.

When it comes to your company your focus, expertise and time are better focussed on your own business, leaving any repairs to an AC expert.

8. Getting the Best From Your Air Conditioning System

The longer your HVAC system is without expert maintenance the more it will become inefficient. An inefficient system will start to cost you more money. Given the current energy price increases an air conditioning system that isn’t running at peak efficiency will most likely start to cost you a great deal of money.

A professional AC engineer will be able to get the best from your system, maximising its efficiency as well as catching issues before they become major problems thereby reducing your bills.

9. Heading Off Major Air Conditioning Issues

If you’re only dealing with issues as they arise rather than having a planned preventative air conditioning maintenance plan in place you’ll miss the opportunity to see a developing issue which could morph into an even bigger problem if left to deteriorate further. With a planned preventative air conditioning maintenance plan in place your AC engineer can head off any major issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

Synecore Planned Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Based on the reasons above, having a professional air conditioning company provide planned preventative maintenance makes a great deal of sense when it comes to making sure your HVAC continues to work without issue ensuring you can maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels within your building.

Synecore offer air conditioning planned preventative maintenance packages to suit your business and the size of your premises.  As part of the AC service you will also receive scheduled visits throughout the year to keep your system efficient and F-gas compliant.

We will schedule visits as required. You will also benefit from our priority emergency call out service should your air conditioning breakdown and need repair between scheduled visits.

We cover Kent, London and across the UK. Our maintenance projects are overseen by an experienced project manager so you know you are in good hands.

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your air conditioning system in top shape, through a PPM, contact Synecore on 01795 509 509. Our team will book an appointment for one of our engineers to visit your site and discuss your options.

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