Winter Health Check: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Servicing London

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For commercial air conditioning and refrigeration servicing London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex, Synecore's Winter Health Check offers peace of mind to restaurants and businesses across the South of England.

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Improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning and commercial refrigeration during the cooler months, with Synecore’s Winter Health Check. Our professional engineers will assess your air conditioning and refrigeration systems to optimise their performance and ensure you’re winter ready.

Why Opt for Winter Air Conditioning Servicing?

During the winter air conditioning systems often change from cooling to heating. While more commercial properties opt for air conditioning installations to heat and cool their property over traditional boilers, the maintenance is often overlooked, leading to poor performance or complete breakdown.

By staying on top of your air conditioning servicing and maintenance, you will benefit from improved performance and efficiency.

There are health benefits too! The winter brings some nasty illnesses to the workplace, but a well-maintained air conditioning system can prevent the spread of germs by removing stale air and pumping in fresh air. During your air conditioning service, the filters that capture the dirt, dust and germs are changed to optimise the hygiene within your workplace.

It’s easy to keep your air conditioning system serviced with Synecore’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) plan. Each PPM customer receives a bespoke plan that is designed to meet your business needs, your existing air conditioning installation and your budget.

Our PPM clients receive scheduled maintenance visits by a professional air conditioning engineer. During the maintenance visit, your air conditioning system will be checked for faults, while the filters and system will be thoroughly cleaned and tested.

What Does Air Conditioning Servicing Involve?

First, Synecore’s engineer will perform a visual inspection of your air conditioning system to determine whether there are any issues or potential faults. This will draw focus on what needs to be done to correct the issue. Then Synecore’s series of standard procedures for air conditioning servicing will take place, including:

  • Inspecting and changing filters
  • Cleaning the condenser unit
  • Removing dust and debris
  • Replacing insulation on coolant lines
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Testing the system

Christmas Ready Refrigeration Servicing

December is one of the busiest times of year for the hospitality sector and reliable, hygienic refrigeration is essential. Refrigeration servicing is easy with Synecore’s Winter Health Check. Our London and Kent based refrigeration engineers will visit your restaurant to perform a thorough refrigeration service at a time that suits you.

Feel rest assured that if your coldrooms, fridges and freezer let you down at the busiest time of year, a Synecore engineer can be on hand to fix the problem promptly.

So, let Synecore prep your kitchen for the busy Christmas period with our refrigeration servicing Winter Health Check. Contact our Service team today on 01795 509 509.

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Refrigeration Servicing Prevents Breakdowns

Extra stock and temporary staff are the biggest causes of commercial refrigeration and coldroom breakdowns over the festive period.

It’s important that all staff understand that the air must circulate around a fridge or freezer and that vents and fans should not be blocked.

Having extra stock can be difficult to handle, but taking time to correctly stock your fridges, freezers and coldrooms could prevent breakdowns to your refrigeration system. It will also ensure that all consumables are stored at the optimum temperature.

Temporary staff don’t always understand the pitfalls of leaving a coldroom door open, unplugging the refrigeration system or not loading it correctly, but we can provide advise on how to train and  communicate this essential information with your team.

Contact our service team for more information on our winter refrigeration servicing in London, Kent and surrounding areas.

What Synecore’s Refrigeration Winter Health Check Involves

When you sign up to Synecore’s Winter Health Check for refrigeration servicing in London and beyond, your system will receive:

  • A full service to the manufacturer’s specification
  • Cleaning of the filters, condensing and evaporating coils

Our refrigeration engineer will also carry out several checks to ensure the system is working correctly and efficiently. These checks include:

  • Operating temperatures and pressures
  • System leaks
  • Controls
  • Defrost controls
  • Safety switch operation
  • Compressor oil level
  • Expansion valve operation
  • Crankcase heater
  • Pipe work condition
  • Electrical connections
  • Wiring
  • Fan assemblies
  • Drains, tray and heater
  • Door seals
  • Internal lighting
  • Any damage

If a fault is detected during your winter refrigeration servicing, our team will endeavour to have the problem repaired promptly. Should the issue take longer than expected, fear not, our mobile coldrooms offer a practical and effective temporary solutions.

Excellent First Time Fix Rates

We understand that as a busy business you don’t want to wait an age for parts to arrive to get your air conditioning or refrigeration back and running. That’s why we ensure our engineers are fully equipped to handle any repair or maintenance situation.

Our van stock is carefully managed to include supplies for equipment that is unique to our clients. As a result, we boast excellent first fix rates that save you time and money!

Mobile Coldroom

Rather than overstocking your coldroom this Christmas with extra stock, why not opt for a temporary solution?

Our fleet of coldroom trailers offer dual fridge or freezing and come fully shelved, with lighting and door curtain. They are compact in size and can be stored inside or outdoors depending on the available space.

Whether you need the extra storage space for your chilled or frozen food, or you need a temporary solution while your refrigeration undergoes repairs, these mobile coldrooms are an affordable and practical solution for the Christmas period.

Book now to save disappointment on 01795 509509.

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To find out more about Synecores air conditioning and refrigeration Winter Health Check, please contact our team.

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