Air conditioning Horrors and Refrigeration Nightmares

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At Synecore we are an air conditioning company that looks after air con and refrigeration systems for all types of businesses nationwide. Our 24/7 call out service means we have experienced some real air conditioning horrors and refrigeration nightmares caused by lack of maintenance.

So, why should you keep your air conditioning and refrigeration system maintained? In this article we will explain the importance of keeping your AC in tip top condition and what creatures can lurk in a refrigeration system if left unmaintained.

Air conditioning Horrors

When left uncared for, air conditioning systems can harbour any number of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew, which can all cause severe sickness and spread harmful germs. Ultimately, a spread of sickness can leave a business understaffed and put great strain on other team members.

What’s more, dual air conditioning systems that provide both cooling and heating, need to remain efficient all-year-round. Left unmaintained, the lifespan of any air conditioner will significantly reduce and you could experience complete failure if issues are left unaddressed.

Refrigeration Nightmares

Who wants little creatures crawling around in their refrigeration system? Well, mice can be particularly partial to nesting in the fan compartment of refrigeration systems. Yuck, we hear you say! Yes, mice enjoy the warmth of the compressor unit and can then get caught in the fans. To avoid coming face-to-face with these cheese-munching furry creatures, make sure your cold rooms, walking in chillers and commercial refrigeration systems are regular maintained by the professionals.

What can you do?

To maintain an efficient and clean air conditioning and refrigeration system, there are a few rules you need to follow.

Something that is very simple, but often overlooked when maintaining an air conditioning system, are the filters. They need to be regularly cleaned, as a build-up of dust and dirt will block the filters, meaning the air cannot pass through the air conditioning system properly. If the AC system is consistently working at its maximum output, it is vulnerable to a breakdown.

The condenser – usually situated on the exterior of the building – should be serviced and cleaned at least once a year. All controls, pipework and fans should be checked to ensure the system is working correctly and a leak check should be carried out. The leak check is part of a company’s legal obligation to remaining FGAS compliant. You can read more about FGAS compliance by clicking here. This type of work must be carried out by a professional air conditioning engineer.

Here is where a company like Synecore is essential. We provide a complete Planned Preventative Maintenance service to restaurants, hotels, retailers schools and businesses. The service ensures all aspects of an air conditioning and refrigeration system is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Here’s a brief list of the type of work we carry out during a standard maintenance visit for an air conditioning or refrigeration system:

  • Cleaning condensing coils and evaporator coils
  • Checking operating temperatures and pressures
  • Leak check of system
  • Checking controls
  • Checking defrost controls
  • Cleaning filters
  • Checking safety switch operation
  • Checking compressor oil level where applicable
  • Checking expansion valve operation
  • Checking crankcase heater
  • Checking condition of pipework
  • Checking electrical connections and wiring
  • Checking fan assemblies
  • Checking drains are clear
  • Checking drain tray and heater
  • Checking door seals
  • Checking internal lighting
  • Checking for any damage on the system

With our Planned Preventative Maintenance Service, we will take care of all your FGAS records and TM44 inspections as well.

If you find you need a replacement air conditioning system, it’s worth noting that a Synecore air conditioning installation comes with a 7 year warranty on equipment by leading air conditioning brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba.

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