Kent and London Air Conditioning Company Offers Advice on Eco-friendly Office Cooling in 2020

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As a Kent and London air conditioning company, we are here to offer advice to companies on running efficient air conditioning systems. In 2020, the pressures on companies to reduce their carbon footprint has never been greater, so in this blog we want to take a moment to explore:

  • The role of the Kent and London air conditioning company in 2020
  • The impact of climate change on the UK
  • Advice on implementing and maintaining an efficient office air conditioning system

The Role of the Kent and London Air Conditioning Company in 2020

In 2020 the role of the Kent and London office air conditioning company is evolving. We are playing a more pivotal role on the eco-credential applied to new commercial buildingS and existing businesses, as we strive to implement new technology and reduce the use HFC gases with high Global Warming Potential (GWP).

As a nation we are more dependent on the comfort air conditioning provides at work, socially and at home than ever before.

Without doubt, the inventor of air conditioning, Willis Carrier, an American heating and ventilation engineer, would be astonished to learn that there are an estimated 1 billion single-room air conditioning units in the world today. Would you believe that’s approximately one for every seven people on earth!

However, perhaps he would be more surprised to know the efforts air conditioning companies and manufacturers have taken over the years to adapt his original design to provide heating and cooling solutions, while reducing our carbon footprint.

Climate change is undoubtedly at the forefront of the minds of many business owners. It is also impacting heavily on the building industry as a whole. Air conditioning is reported to account for 13% of the world’s energy consumption. However, manufacturers, such as Daikin, Mistubishi Electric and Toshiba, are making ground-breaking progress on improving air conditioning technology to implement HFC gases with low GWP to enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The UK is 80% committed to proactively reduce our carbon footprint by 2050 – that puts us as one of the highest in the world. But how exactly is climate change affecting us in the UK and our reliance on air conditioning?

How is The UK Climate Changing?

We know that we are experiencing longer and hotter summers, with milder winters.

Between June and August 2018 the UK experienced the hottest temperatures for a prolonged period since 1984. The highest temperature was recorded in Faversham, Kent on 26 July. The heatwave led to a hosepipe band, wildfires and droughts, having a catastrophic affect on farming, health and wildlife.

As a direct result of the 2017 heatwave, Synecore experienced a 92% rise in air conditioning and cold room repairs. Read the full article here.

Heatwaves have occurred throughout our history, but they are becoming more frequent. Prior to 1878 6-day heatwaves where temperatures would reach 28-degrees Celsius would occur on average every 6-8 years. Today, we can expect a heatwave to occur every 2-4 years on average. This could mean that we are due another summer of soaring temperatures in 2020!

Overall the temperature in the UK has increased by 1-degree Celsius in the last 120 years. Gone are the days of experiencing harsher winter weather– snow and frost. Instead we have higher rainfall and the sea level in London and Cardiff expected to rise by 0.5-2.2m by 2300 if low emissions projections are met.

London and the South East of England have had the largest increase in hot days over the last 200 years from 20 to 50, making these the most affected areas from heatwaves.

How Businesses Can Improve the Eco-Friendly Credential of Their Office Air Conditioning?

To the average business, making a positive impact on the world’s climate issues seems impossible. On one hand you need to be efficient. On the other the out-door temperatures are rising, and you need to provide a comfortable workspace. With the right installation and maintenance package you could do both!

Synecore is a Kent and London air conditioning company that takes the efficiency very seriously. We advise offices, restaurants and businesses in the South East and nationwide on the installation of new and efficient air conditioning systems. Here are our top tips for new installations.

10 Top Tips for Running Efficient Office Air Conditioning:

  1. Go new - New air conditioning systems by the leading manufacturers (Mitsubishi, Daikin and Toshiba) will comply with the latest F-gas regulations and limit the use of HFC gases with high GWP. If you choose Synecore, you’ll also receive a seven year warranty!
  2. Don’t lose your cool - Door air curtains for external openings will reduce the heat or cooling loss every time the door is opened and closed.
  3. Be smart – Smart buildings implement Building Management Systems (BMS), which can control the temperature in the individual spaces, as well as the lighting, lifts and various other tech. An intelligent BMS system can also automatically turn off air conditioning when the room is vacant.
  4. It’s all hot air - Heat recovery systems remove the heat from one area and redistributes the hot air to areas that need heating. This is an extremely cost effective and intelligent means of heating various spaces within an office.
  5. Regulate the temperature – set a comfortable temperature for your office and keep it there. This will reduce the amount the system has to work and use less energy.
  6. Lower indoor pollution – indoor air quality is important to the health and wellbeing of your staff. As we see temperatures rise, air purification is essential in the workplace to reduce allergens, germs, bacteria and humidity. Having your filters regularly cleaned and replaced is essential to workplace wellbeing and productivity.
  7. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain – keeping on top of your air conditioning maintenance is essential to its efficiency, reducing the energy consumption and improving the air quality. It will also validate the warranty on your installed air conditioning equipment. Synecore office planned preventative maintenance plans, which are tailored for your business and the air conditioning system you have in place.
  8. Remain compliant – make sure your system complies with strict FGas regulations. If your system has an equivalent co2 output of 5kg or more, it must be regularly checked for leaks and maintained by a professional engineer. Failure to do so, can lead to hefty penalties.
  9. Get inspectedTM44 is an energy performance certification of your building’s air conditioning system. Depending on the size of your property, your TM44 inspection is due every 4 four years.
  10. Act quickly – If you do experience a problem with your air conditioning system, its important that it is checked out quickly by a professional engineer. This can prevent the leakage of HFC gases and prevent further damage.

For more information on smart building installations, check out 'A complete solution for climate control in your building' by Daikin.

How Can Synecore Help?

Synecore's team of engineers, designers and service adminstrators are on hand to offer advice and speak openly about the challenges businesses face when running air conditioning in their workspace. Our Mechanical Director, Gary Piper frequently comments on the issues related to the air conditioning industry, as seen here in this issue of ACR News.

As weel as offering professional advice, Synecore can designs, install and maintain heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment for businesses across London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and throughout the South East.  We offer a seven-year warranty on new installations using equipment from leading air conditioning brands – Mitsubishi, Daikin and Toshiba.

When it comes to maintenance, we will inspect your system and develop a planned preventative maintenance programme that is tailored to your specific system and your business needs.

Through regular maintenance cleaning and servicing according to your manufacturer’s warranty and F-Gas regulations, you can be rest-assured that you are doing your bit to improve your businesses eco-credentials.

To find out more about Synecore's air conditioning installation and maintenance services, contact the team today!

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