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Synecore’s air conditioning service will enhance customer experience at London Hotel

Synecore’s air conditioning service

Located in the popular area of Shoreditch, Ace Hotel sits within the home of London’s artisans and industrial thinkers. Ace Hotel’s inspiring interior echoes its historical roots of innovation and design, with modern furnishings and wall art, combined with industrial metals and rustic planting.

With contemporary styling and impeccable service there is no doubt this hotel offers guests an exciting and luxurious stay, and now it is set to enhance its offering even more.

The Ace Hotel has contracted Synecore to service and maintain the air conditioning, heating and ventilation throughout its 183 bedrooms, public area, restaurant, two bars, function rooms and gym.

The hotel has signed up to Synecore’s comprehensive Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheme, which has been tailored to meet the needs of the existing air conditioning systems, the size of the property and the hotel’s requirements as well as ensure its FGas compliance.

Synecore’s air conditioning service and maintenance scheme is vastly popular with managers of commercial property, especially offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. These businesses enjoy peace-of-mind that their system is in the care of a reputable air conditioning company, with a 24/7 call out service. As part of the PPM air conditioning service Synecore ensures the system is FGas compliant, with optimised efficiency.

Hotel air conditioning and heating systems should always be maintained to a high standard. Not only to prevent harmful leaks, but so that guests can experience the utmost comfort. In 2016 a study into the most important factors for guests staying in hotels worldwide was air conditioning. Underperforming or broken down air conditioning is one of the leading complaints about hotels on popular travel review sites, including Trip Advisor. Such complaints can easily be avoided with ongoing maintenance, carried out by a professional air conditioning company.

Synecore is set to carry out its first air conditioning service and maintenance visit for Ace Hotel this month. The air conditioning equipment currently in place comprises 12 Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems, with cassette and ducted AC units. The entire system is approximately 14 years old and is therefore prone to signs of wear and tear.

Previously, the majority of the hotel’s air conditioning had been maintained by an in-house technician. Synecore had been called in to investigate why the air conditioning in the bar area was not performing correctly. In doing so, the AC engineers discovered various ducted air conditioning units that had not been serviced or maintained for some considerable time, as their location was not known to the hotel staff.

The filters were so blocked the air flow virtually non-existent. In this state the fans had to work a lot harder, using more energy and eventually the motor would have burnt out through lack of air flow. Since cleaning the filters and checking for leaks, the bar is benefitting from a far more efficient cooling system.

The initial PPM visit to the Ace Hotel will take 10 to 14 days. During this time Synecore will ascertain the location of all the ducted air conditioning units throughout the property. The AC engineers will carry out a series of checks for leaks and performance, as well as clean the filters and condensers of every air conditioning unit in the hotel. The heating system will also be serviced. While undertaking this essential maintenance work, Synecore will also upgrade Mitsubishi Electric remotes controls in 180 rooms.

Synecore will carry out a full maintenance visits each year to keep the air conditioning at the Ace Hotel in full working order. The hotel will also be able to contact Synecore with any future problems with the system.

To find out more about Synecore’s PPM plans for air conditioning systems or FGas compliance contact our team on 0845 241 4953.

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