Time To Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Working Efficiently – Preparing For the Winter

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It may seem strange to be talking about ensuring your air conditioning system is ready for the winter given that we are still experiencing some warm days. However, now is the perfect time to make sure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will perform efficiently and effectively– before your system starts to have issues or breaks down during the colder autumn and winter months.

In fact HVAC maintenance, if performed on a regular basis, can prevent many issues before they become much bigger problems.

Changes In Outside Temperature Impact Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

As the temperature outside fluctuates or undergoes large changes it can cause your HVAC system workload to increase to maintain the temperature indoors. When we move from hot to cold weather it can put an extra strain on your HVAC system and means it has to adjust to keeping a building cool in warm weather and then to heating that same space during cold weather. If the temperature changes are large or sudden this can put extra strain on the system as it has to rapidly adjust from cooling to heating and vice versa depending on the outside temperature.

Key Reasons You Should Maintain Your HVAC System

If you HVAC system is old or hasn’t been properly or regularly maintained, it can lead to short- and long-term problems as well as break downs which could potentially have a devasting impact on your business. Here are some of the key reasons you should maintain your HVAC:

Constant Temperature, Humidity and Air Quality. When your HVAC is properly maintained you can be sure that your building, office, restaurant, hotel, and school‘s temperature, humidity and air quality will all be reliably controlled. When you change the temperature on the thermostat or control panel to compensate for the outdoor temperature, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your HVAC will make sure the right temperature is reached and maintained.

Energy Efficiency. When your HVAC is performing below par it will be using more energy. At any time, but even more so currently with the increasing cost of electricity, it’s also a good time to ensure your HVAC isn’t using more energy than it needs to due to poor performance and efficiency issues. Planned preventative maintenance can address the energy efficiency of your HVAC and ensure that all parts of the system are working effectively to lower your energy costs.

Equipment Repairs Reduced. By regularly maintaining your system you will extend its lifespan. Problems can be spotted earlier, and preventative action taken to stop part or system failures which could have a domino affect on your HVAC. When one part fails it can cause other part failures within the system. This cascade effect can then lead to equipment repairs being required more often which in turn can lead to higher repair bills.

Longer Lifespan. When an HVAC system is under a planned preventative maintenance contract its life span is extended. With regular maintenance an HVAC can last around 15 years. Without maintenance and where issues occur the system’s lifespan can be dramatically reduced, typically to around 7-10 years.

Improved Air Quality. Air conditioning plays a major role in keeping the air clean within a building. Air conditioners filter the air they take in. Without an air conditioning system people often resort to opening windows which can allow pollen and other irritants to find their way into your office or building. As long as an air conditioner is properly taken care of, filters are cleaned or replaced as required and the system is well maintained then your air conditioner will filter out particulates, dust and germs; keeping the air clean.

Maintaining Your Building and Equipment. With a fully functioning, efficient HVAC you know that even over holiday periods your system is maintaining the indoor temperature, humidity and air quality, ensuring that there is no damage to the fabric of the building due to e.g., frozen pipes in cold weather. You can also be sure that fragile or vital equipment  is kept at an ideal temperature preventing it from over-heating in hot weather.

Piece of Mind. When your HVAC runs smoothly its one less thing for your business to worry about. With planned preventative maintenance, you can leave your HVAC in the hands of the experts knowing that if there is an issue help is at hand to resolve any problems and prevent breakdowns.

Clearly regular maintenance by qualified air conditioning specialists brings with it a multitude of benefits. So, what can you expect from a planned preventative maintenance plan?

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Synecore offer planned preventative maintenance to all UK businesses with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Each planned preventative maintenance plan is specific to your business, is dependent on the size of your building and is overseen by an experienced project manager who will ensure that your air conditioning system is fully functional, problem free and working efficiently.

Planned preventative maintenance visits are scheduled throughout the year and each visit entails some or all of the following: a visual inspection of your AC system to determine what if any issues there are, checking the control panel, thermostat and sensors; checking electrical connections and ductwork for damage; inspecting the filters to check if there is a build-up of dust or dirt and replacement of filters if required, lubricating moving parts to minimise friction and wear and tear, cleaning the condenser unit (the fan, coils and fins) to ensure there are no obstructions, replacement of coolant lines where deterioration has occurred, checking refrigerant levels to make sure the system can cool the air efficiently and finally testing the system to check it is working effectively and efficiently.

Should your air conditioning suffer a system breakdown Synecore planned preventative maintenance customers receive high priority status. An engineer will be on site within hours and your equipment will be back up and running as quickly as possible.

Also included in our planned preventative maintenance package is compliancy with F-gas regulations and TM44 certification.

Synecore For M&E Contractors For HVAC Maintenance

Synecore are M&E contractors and approved installers of the industry’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration . We operate throughout Kent, London and the UK.

If you’re looking to install new air conditioning or commercial refrigeration or to setup a maintenance contract, contact our team or call on 01795 509 509. We’ll talk you through your options and provide you with expert advice for your business.

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