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Air Conditioning Compliance Company for London, Kent and the Wider UK

Need a trusted refrigeration and air conditioning compliance company that will ensure your AC system remains safe, efficient, eco-friendly and legal? Synecore is just the ticket. We not only design, install, commission and maintain refrigeration and air conditioning for commercial buildings, we also ensure that they remain compliant with current FGas legislation. 

It’s imperative that commercial air conditioning and refrigeration is regularly maintained, cleaned and inspected to check for leaks of HFC gases. There are various types of HFC gases that are used as refrigerants in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. If exposed to the atmosphere, HFC gases can have a harmful effect on our environment. Companies that fail to keep a record of regular refrigeration and air conditioning inspections can face penalties or worst, legal proceedings. 

What is FGas Compliance?

FGas compliance regulates the GWP (global warming potential) of refrigeration and air conditioning refrigerants and is often updated to prevent the use of the most harmful ozone depleting gases. In some cases, this means air conditioning systems that run on discontinued refrigerants can no longer be topped up. Such AC systems are often condemned if an alternative refrigerant cannot be sourced. 

Failure to comply with FGas regulations can have a devastating effect on your business if a leak is left to fester within the atmosphere for a prolonged period, so it’s best practise to ensure that your air conditioning and refrigeration systems are regularly inspected, and any remedial works carried out by an accredited air conditioning company before it’s too late.

Air Conditioning Compliance Inspections

There are two types of refrigeration and air conditioning compliance inspections that are required for commercial buildings. These include:

FGas inspection

TM44 inspection 

While inspections are legal, keeping your air conditioning maintained will prevent unnecessary faults and ensure it works efficiently. Visit Synecore’s Planned Preventative Maintenance page for more information on maintaining your air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  

Air Conditioning Compliance Obligations

If your building operates an air conditioning system with a CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes and above, you will need regular inspections. Here is a breakdown of the frequency in which you will require FGas and TM44 inspections.




FGas 5-50 tonnes   12 months
  50-500 tonnes 6 months
  500+ tonnes 3 months
TM44 12kW combined output 5 years


Read our dedicated pages on FGas compliance and TM44 inspections for more information about what each assessment entail. 


Choose a Reputable Air Conditioning Compliance Company

When it comes to building compliance of any nature, it’s important to choose a company you can trust. At Synecore we have the expertise and customer service to ensure your refrigeration and air conditioning compliance is always up-to-date and effective.  Over the years, we’ve gained the confidence and continued custom of clients across London, Kent and the UK.

Whether you manage a single office, or multiple properties, Synecore is here to support you. It’s our business to ensure your business is compliant, safe and efficient.

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