Air conditioning maintenance – what every business should know

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When it comes to air conditioning maintenance in your commercial property every business needs to be aware of the rules and regulations of FGas certification, TM44 assessments and the phase out of R-22 refrigerant gas.

Over recent years the government has cracked down on the use of ozone depleting gases in refrigeration and air conditioning systems by enforcing penalty notices on any operator (the business owner, office manager or facilities manager) that fails to keep their system suitably maintained to meet legislation.

As an air conditioning supplier, we never fail to be surprised at how little companies are aware of their legal obligations to their air conditioning maintenance and refrigeration systems, so this summer, we want to educate businesses on how to remain compliant and free from leakages of harmful, ozone depleting gases.

FGas compliancy

Remaining FGas compliant should be standard procedure for any business with an air conditioning or commercial refrigeration system in place.

Any systems with a CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes or more should be checked by a qualified engineer at least once a year and records must be kept. The larger the system the more frequent checks should take place. Speak to our experts today to find out more information about your air conditioning FGas compliancy.

CIBSE TM44 Assessments

This is an energy efficiency assessment for a building's air conditioning system with a combined rated output of 12kW or more.

The TM44 assessment is a legal requirement and must take place every five years. It is designed to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions.

Call us today to find out when your last TM44 assessment took place.

R-22 phase out

R-22 is a banned refrigerant, that has harmful ozone depleting effects and is commonly found in old air conditioning systems.

Systems that run on R-22 can no longer be maintained or repaired. Businesses that have air conditioning systems, or commercial refrigeration that runs on R-22 gas, should seriously consider replacing the system as soon as possible before it suffers a breakdown.

There are tax incentives available for businesses that invest in energy saving equipment.

Planned Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

To support businesses with their legal obligations concerning their air conditioning maintenance and refrigeration systems, we offer Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) packages.

Each package is designed to meet the needs of business and their equipment. By signing up to Synecore’s PPM service we share the legal responsibility to ensuring your system is compliant all-year-round, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

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