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Synecore’s Commercial Refrigeration Engineer Staff Prepare for Christmas Rush

As restaurants in London and the South East become busy during the festive period, Synecore is offering a Christmas Refrigeration Health Check by a professional commercial refrigeration engineer.

If ever there is a time when walk in cold rooms, chillers and fridge display units are likely to breakdown, it is the Christmas period. Not because ‘it’s just typical’, but because this is the time commercial refrigeration is put to its limits.

To prevent any unnecessary breakdowns this Christmas, Synecore is offering restaurants, hotels, cafes, coffee shops and eateries alike a special Christmas Refrigeration Health Check. This is the sensible solution to ensuring your commercial kitchen remains fully equipped over the festive period.

Why does commercial refrigeration break down at Christmas?

There are several reasons commercial refrigeration tends to need repairs at Christmas, including overloading and user error.

With numerous Christmas parties and celebrations, restaurants tend to increase kitchen stock levels. This can cause overloading in walk-in cold rooms, fridges, freezers and chillers. Consequently, the refrigeration system is forced to work harder. If refrigeration fans or vents are blocked, they can ice up and become inefficient.

Cool air needs to flow around the refrigeration system to work effectively. Any blockages could ultimately cause complete failure. As a result, the stock may need to be disposed of entirely. This could potentially be very expensive mistake for a restaurant during the festive break.

Temporary Christmas staff in restaurants can be the cause of many refrigeration breakdowns. Inexperienced staff, who are permitted to access and operate a cold room or chiller may not realise these fundamental rules:

  • Doors must be closed when not in use
  • Don’t allow the doors to slam, which can harm the seals
  • Do not unplug the refrigeration system at any time
  • Load the fridge sensibly to allow the cold air to circulate
  • Do not block any vents or fans

Refrigeration training for restaurant staff

It is important that restaurant kitchen staff are trained on how to use and look after commercial refrigeration systems. Training staff can reduce repair costs and ensure food is always stored at its recommended temperature.

We have come across situations when temporary staff or cleaners unplug a fridge or freezer to free up a plug socket for a vacuum cleaner, then forget to plug it back in. In doing so, items inside the chiller or freezer will no longer be stored at optimum temperature.

As part of the Christmas Health Check our refrigeration engineer will provide training to staff members on how to access and operate the refrigeration system properly.

What does the Christmas Refrigeration Health Check Include?

Syecore’s Christmas Refrigeration Health Check includes:

  1. Full service to the manufacturers specification
  2. Cleaning of the filters, condensing and evaporating coils

The refrigeration engineer will also carry out several checks to ensure the system is working correctly and efficiently. These checks include:

  • Operating temperatures and pressures
  • System leaks
  • Controls
  • Defrost controls
  • Safety switch operation
  • Compressor oil level
  • Expansion valve operation
  • Crankcase heater
  • Pipe work condition
  • Electrical connections
  • Wiring
  • Fan assemblies
  • Drains, tray and heater
  • Door seals
  • Internal lighting
  • Any damage

Book your Commercial Refrigeration Health Check

To book a Synecore commercial refrigeration engineer to complete your festive maintenance check, simply call 0845 241 4953 and select extension 2 to talk to our refrigeration and air conditioning service department. Our service team will ensure you promptly receive a maintenance visit.

Need a commercial refrigeration engineer?

Our Commercial Refrigeration Engineers are on call 24/7 to provide an emergency breakdown service for restaurants in London and the wider UK.

If you have already suffered a refrigeration breakdown and need urgent help, you can call 0845 241 4953. A refrigeration engineer will aim to be onsite within 48 hours to get you back up and running.

Temporary Cold Room Trailer

Our cold-room trailer is the ideal temporary solution for extra refrigeration storage during the busy festive period, or as a replacement when a permanent cold-room is under repair.

It can be used for refrigeration or freezing and comes equipped with fixed shelving and integrated lighting. This cold room trailer is completely weather proof and can be store outdoors within the restaurant premises. Alternatively, the compact unit can be stored inside.

To learn more about Synecore’ cold room trailer, click here.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Refrigeration Maintenance is not just for Christmas

Although the festive period is a time when refrigeration maintenance is important, it is something every business within the hospitality sector should be on top of. There are many rules and regulations about maintaining commercial refrigeration, including:

To support restaurants in London and the UK, we provide Planned Preventative Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance. We take responsibility for ensuring your refrigeration system is compliant and working efficiently all-year-round. It is a very straightforward service that gives you peace of mind.

By joining our refrigeration maintenance scheme, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Planned maintenance visits by a qualified commercial refrigeration engineer
  • Refrigeration service to the manufacturers specification
  • Priority call out for emergency refrigeration repairs
  • All FGas records are taken care of by our team
  • An efficient refrigeration system
  • Increased life span of your refrigeration system

Call us today for more information about our planned preventative maintenance scheme for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning on 0845 241 4953.

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