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Air conditioning service for businesses

Air conditioning maintenance is a fundamental requirement for any business. It provides a comfortable environment for your workforce or customers all-year-round, but when an air conditioning system goes wrong it can cause great disruption.

Not only do we install the highest quality and most reliable air conditioning equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, Synecore also provides an air conditioning service with full Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) for air conditioning in all types of businesses.

It’s not just the summer months when the air conditioning is in use, in winter many of us use air conditioning to heat a large commercial property. It’s this change in use that can create those funny smells within your system, strange noises, air conditioning leakages and error codes, highlighting that it needs an inspection from a qualified engineer.

At Synecore we provide a comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and servicing programme to ensure that if and when you suffer an air conditioning breakdown, your equipment is back up and running as soon as possible. In fact, our regular air conditioning maintenance options will make sure that if there is a potential fault brewing, we get to it before it causes any downtime at all.

With the high demands and legal obligations placed on commercial and industrial premises to remain F-GAS compliant, it is critical to have a reliable air conditioning maintenance team available.

For more information on our air conditioning service call us on 0845 241 4953 and speak to one of our friendly and experienced experts to arrange your air conditioning maintenance today.

air conditioning maintenance

Planned Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance contracts

We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning Planned Preventative Maintenance packages to suit your business and the size of your premises. As part of the air conditioning service you will receive scheduled visits throughout the year to keep your system efficient and F-GAS compliant.

For businesses with an old air conditioning system, we can help you to manage your R22 replacement, or carry out necessary maintenance.

Within your air conditioning maintenance contract we will visit your business as frequently or as little as required – be it once a month, once every couple of months or just once a year. You will also benefit from our priority emergency call out service should your air conditioning breakdown and need repair between scheduled visits.

F-GAS compliancy

Remaining F-Gas compliant is a legal obligation for any business that operates an air conditioning system with a CO2 equivalent charge of 5 tonnes or more. There are significant penalty charges for operators that do not comply to F-Gas regulations, therefore it is vital that your system is regularly maintained and serviced by a professional air conditioning maintenance engineer.

How often you have your system checked depends on the CO2 equivalent charge weight of your system, for examples:

• 5-50 tonnes  and above – at least every 12 months
• 50-500 tonnes and above – at least every 6 months
• 500 tonnes and above – at least every 3 months

A detailed service and maintenance record is required for any air conditioning system with CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes or more. As part of our Planned Preventative Maintenance packages for air conditioning we carry out all the necessary checks and keep your F-Gas records up-to-date for your peace-of-mind.

If you’re unsure about your obligations to remaining F-Gas compliant and would like to know more, click here.

TM44 air conditioning inspections

TM44 is an energy efficiency assessment of a buildings air conditioning system with a rated output of 12kW or more. This includes systems consisting of individual units with less than 12kW, but combined have an effective rated output of more than 12kW.

Every commercial property with a qualifying air conditioning system must have this assessment carried every five years by a professional assessor and it must be registered on the NDEPC register.

As part of your tailored PPM plan we will automatically carry out your TM44 assessment when required, and ensure it is registered, so you can be rest assured your building is fully compliant.

R22 replacement

Do you have an air-conditioning or refrigeration system that’s been in place 15 years or more? If so your system could be affected by the illegal refrigerant, R-22 HCFC. This is a gas that was commonly used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems prior to 2003, but due to its harmful effect on the ozone layer, it was made illegal to even top-up or replace the gas as of January 2015. As a result the service, maintenance and recycling of R-22 HCFC in any refrigeration and air conditioning system is prohibited.

If you believe your system may be affected and you’re unsure what to do, our team of experts can provide helpful advice on replacing the whole system, or in the short term we can modify your existing equipment to use new eco-friendly refrigerants. Contact us now for further details, or click here for more information on the R-22 phase out and replacement scheme.

Experienced project managers

Every one of our air conditioning maintenance projects is overseen by a project manager with decades of experience and all the relevant skills and qualifications. This ensures that your air conditioning units are fully functional at all times and highly efficient at providing you with the correct amount of heating or cooling for your property.

We offer a comprehensive range of servicing options to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently and effectively at all times. We will carry out advanced checks and tests and our experienced and dedicated engineers will assess the condition of your air conditioning unit and provide you with a highly detailed report on what needs looking at or repairing.

As part of our maintenance and servicing programme, our engineers will carry out any necessary repairs or replacements to ensure that disruption to your business is kept to an absolute minimum.

Based in Detling, just outside Maidstone in Kent, we operate throughout Kent, London and the UK, providing commercial and industrial clients with the very best in air conditioning maintenance. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange your free no obligation quotation at your convenience.

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