Synecore Offers FREE Pre-Summer Air Conditioning Inspection

  • 20th April 2015
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Join Synecore’s air conditioning inspection / maintenance programme for hassle free AC

The sun is shining and it’s getting warm in the office, so it’s time to switch on the air conditioning, but will it work, or more importantly will it be legally compliant? After months of remaining dormant or used to heat the office space throughout the winter, air conditioning systems can struggle with the change in use, leading to faults that can compromise a company’s legal obligations. That’s why Synecore – based in Detling – is offering a FREE summer inspection of air conditioning systems to Kent businesses.

Before you switch on, Synecore’s specialists will thoroughly inspect your cooling system and identify any issues relating to performance and efficiency. They will also check your air conditioning system has the necessary Fgas records and is TM44 compliant.

“The summer months are a very busy period for air conditioning engineers, as so many systems fail with the sudden increase in use.  The system can develop residue and mildew when air is not regularly passed through the vents, hence the bad smells that many users discover when they switch the units on for the first time” explains Gary Piper, Synecore’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning expert.

“By offering a free pre-summer inspection we can prevent a number of breakdowns caused by underutilizing an AC system. If need be our qualified engineers can carry out a complete service and repair on all types of VRF units with ceiling mounted cassettes, which are commonly used in commercial properties. By ensuring air conditioning is summer-ready, it not only remains efficient, thus reducing running costs, but its lifespan is lengthened and it will comply with Fgas and TM44 regulations.”

With refrigerant legislation under constant review, it can be difficult for companies using air conditioning to remain aware of their legal obligations.  Syencore’s essential service and maintenance programme takes care of this by ensuring the system is maintained to the legal requirement and records are regularly kept up-to-date.

This valuable aftercare service is supported by a core team of electrical and HVAC specialists, who have exceptional knowledge of the complex issues relating to air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and electronics.  The recent EU ban on the use of ozone depleting R-22 HCFC refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration system has been a particular concern to the Synecore team.

Piper explains, “Air conditioning or refrigeration units installed over 10 years ago are likely to run on R-22 HCFC refrigerants.  To support businesses affected by the law change, we are offering advice on replacing the whole system or modifying the existing equipment to use new eco-friendly refrigerants.”

If you are concerned about the efficiency of your air conditioning plant, confused as to how you are affected by the R-22 legislation, or just unsure what your company’s legal obligations are, then book a free pre-summer air conditioning inspection on 0845 241 4953.


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