Why Now is the Time to Have UVC Air Purifiers Installed?

  • 18th January 2021
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Ultraviolet-C air purifiers (also known as UVC air purifiers) can kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19! Wow, what a statement. This must be some ground-breaking technology.

In fact, UVC air purifiers were first introduced in 1937 by William F. Wells to control the spread of measles in schools. Since then, the effectiveness of UVC light in air purification has been widely researched and developed over the decades.

Today there are a range of sophisticated UVC air purifiers that are capable of destroying the DNA of all types of bacteria and viruses that travel in airborne droplets, rendering them harmless and unable to reproduce. Consequently, Synecore is an air conditioning company in Kent and London that is able to offer effective UVC air purification solutions to optimise hygiene in educational, healthcare and commercial environments. 

Airborne Transmission of Covid-19

Recent research presented by The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention explains that in confined spaces there can be “airborne transmission” of Coronavirus – with tiny virus particles lingering in the air for many minutes to hours and travelling far from the source on air currents.

While this is not the primary cause of transmission, if exposed to an infected person for longer than 30 minutes in a poorly ventilated environment, the risk of infection is far greater. This could explain the heightened cases in school classrooms during the winter months when doors and windows have been closed.

The key to preventing the transmission of Covid-19 through airborne particles is good ventilation and fresh air supply. 


UVC Air Purifiers HVAC

How UVC Air Purifiers Can Limit the Spread of Covid-19?

UVC air purifiers use Ultraviolet-C Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) lamps to breakdown the molecular make-up (DNA) of bacteria and viruses that travel through the air stream. By breaking down the DNA structure of a virus, like Covid-19, it renders it harmless and unable to reproduce. As a result, the air is safe to pass through the HVAC system and be recirculated within the space, or redistributed to other areas of the building depending on the system you have in place.

UVC air purifiers are simple to install and can be retrofit within ductwork for complete discretion. This application is ideal for an office, hotel or restaurant, where the interior design cannot be compromised.  Alternatively, a unit can be fitted anywhere within the direct air stream. The UVC air purifier can be wall-mounted, or even positioned near to a fan.

There are high-performance mobile UVC Air Purifiers available too. These can handle 850 m3 of air flow per hour in a space measuring 80 sqm. The mobile units are especially good for offices and venues where different spaces are occupied at different times. Mounted on castors, the mobile unit can be manoeuvred between rooms with complete ease. 

Synecore is offering FREE advice about improving air quality. We are an air conditioning company in Kent and London that is renowned for providing specialist HVAC solutions for hotels, offices, restaurants, venues, and commercial buildings throughout the UK. Our air conditioning experts are on hand to discuss your needs. Just call 01795 509 509 or email sales@synecore.co.uk.

Why Improve Air Quality Now?

Although the vaccine roll out is in full steam mode, we are not in the safe zone yet, and won’t be for some time. 

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that has the potential to stay beyond mass immunisation in the UK. In other words, it is not going to disappear overnight. Therefore, we need to stay cautious for a pro-longed period. We also need to be prepared for new strains of the virus that develop in the UK and abroad. Health, education and our own economic stability are at stake, so we must all optimise hygiene by whatever means possible. 

Making improvements to air quality could substantially reduce the risk of transmission. Furthermore, businesses and organisation that invest in air quality now will help to restore public confidence when lockdown measures are reduced. Such gestures will help to entice consumers back to shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms and other entertainment venues, as well as encourage staff to return to work.

Ways To Improve Air Quality Help?

There are several ways to improve the air quality within your property, such as:

  • Opening a window
  • Cleaning air conditioning filters
  • Ensuring your air conditioning system does not recirculate stale air
  • Install a fresh air HVAC system  
  • Install UVC air purifiers

Let’s be clear, opening a window would be sufficient in a domestic situation, or even in a very small office. However, if you are expecting multiple people within a single space for a period longer than 30 minutes we highly suggest you seek the advice of a professional air conditioning company, like ourselves. 

We can check the suitability of your air conditioning system, ensure it is suitably serviced and offer advice on air purifiers that can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

If you are interested in improving your air quality with UVGI technology, we can offer a whole range of UVC air purifier units that can be:

  • Installed to an existing air conditioning system
  • Fitted to a wall within the direct air stream
  • Mobile units that can be moved from rooms-to-room

The History of UVC Air Purifiers in a Nut Shell

The history of UVC air purifiers spans a century of research and development. To get a true understanding of how this technology works, it’s worth getting to know how it was originally discovered.

Blunt and Downe, were the first scientists to discover that UV light could prevent the growth of micro-organisms in 1877. Building on their research, in 1937, William F. Wells successfully demonstrated that Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) lamps used with the correct intensity and wavelength (the shorter being most effective) over the correct duration would disrupt the the molecular make-up of airborne droplet nuclei.

Coupled with effective fans and ventilation exhaust systems, the UVGI lamps could prevent the spread of airborne microbiological contaminations, such as bacteria, yeast, mould, fungi, virus, prions, protozoa or their toxins and by-products.

As a result, during the Second World War, UVGI air purifiers were used in hospitals, food processing plants, bakeries and breweries. Later studies also revealed the effectiveness on UVGI technology on reducing the spread of TB (tuberculosis).  

The technology was abandoned in the 1970s, as widespread immunisations of harmful diseases were introduced.  Air cooling systems monopolised the market for their ability to remove less harmful airborne everyday particulates and pathogens while cooling the air at the same time. However research and development continued into UVGI technology. Consequently, by the mid 1990s, UVGI lamps were reintroduced, with the ability to retrofit to UVC air purifiers to air conditioning systems. 

UVGI / UVC Air Purifiers in 2021

Today, there are a broad range of UVGI air purifiers (commonly referred to as UVC air purifiers) on the market. They  can be retrofit within your exiting air conditioning system, or mounted on the wall directly in line with the air stream. Alternatively, there are a variety mobile units available that can be moved from room-to-room. 

Kent and London have been the areas most effected by the latest strain of Coronavirus, which has spread at a rapid rate since December 2020. As an air conditioning company in Kent and London, we have been proactive in fitting UVC air purifiers in a variety of environments. Hospitals, schools, offices, gyms, restaurants, venues and shopping centres are among the settings that committed to improving inside air quality to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and any further strains. 

FREE Survey

Synecore is an air conditioning company in Kent and London offering a FREE site survey to offices, schools, supermarkets, shops, venues, restaurants and other commercial environments.  One of our air conditioning experts will review the existing air conditioning system and discuss the options for improving air quality within your building.

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